Come Fly With Me

It’s funny how life turns out sometimes…I have a friend I haven’t seen for ages, she was a navigator in the RAF on helicopters. She left the ‘Service’ to follow her husband to Australia, to pursue a life of beach time and relaxation while he joined the Australian Army flying helicopters as a pilot. However, it didn’t quite go to plan. She was goaded by a friend into submitting an application to British Airways to try to get a place on their pilot training scheme, which takes people with no pilot experience and trains them to become British Airways pilots free of charge. Its hard work and pretty full on and my friend never thought she had a cat’s chance in hell of getting a place on the scheme, but she went for it anyway. ‘Why not take a chance?’ She thought. It was so unlikely as they lived in Australia! Imagine her surprise when she got a letter back from British Airways asking her to attend the application and selection process back in the UK. So, off she went and took part in the all the different aptitude tests and interviews, with her RAF background standing her in very good stead. Process complete she went back to Australia and thought nothing more of it.

Guess what she does now?

Yup, she is training to be a pilot with British Airways! She made the decision, when she was told she had been successful in her application, to leave her husband in Australia and come back to the UK to follow her dreams and become an airline pilot. He was very understanding and they see each other as much as their jobs allow, I guess she is hoping for long-haul so she can fly to Australia a lot more, and for free! But, this now means that she is living in a ‘student house’ with other younger trainee pilots and is often stuck for things to do, to pass the time when they are not studying for exams or learning how to fly. Imagine my surprise when she posted a picture of herself at a bingo hall, taking part in regular bingo sessions! I guess she figured she had been very lucky when she took a chance on the job front, so though that bingo would be a fun way to keep testing that luck, along with her reactions and ability to multi-task like any good pilot…and then I thought, if she is as lucky and as good at that as she is at being a pilot, maybe she should try bingo on the hoof, or go for mobile bingo even?

I guess she is just one of life’s winners, but it doesn’t come without hard work and dedication and a willingness to take a big risk with her long distance relationship. I hope it all works out ok. She deserves it.



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