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Cadogan Tate Online Art Gallery

I love an art gallery, especially in London where they are FREE to enter; such as, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Britain, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. When travelling I enjoy nothing more than to wander around and enjoy a nation’s culture over the centuries as expressed by their local artists. I have visited the Louvre in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and the museum of Magritte in Brussels.

For me, art is exploration into the minds of the expresser but also can offer a window into history and how we have evolved over time. Art is expression but it is also knowledge. I don’t feel you need to be an expert to enjoy art and to take something away from the medium. The experience is entirely personal and sometimes, it’s simpler to look and feel what you feel without having to be to accountable for your responses.

Fine art logistics specialist Cadogan Tate has created a new online art gallery that brings together more than 100 of history’s finest artworks in one place for the first time. It’s easy to use and provides a snapshot into some of the world’s finest and notable artists and their works.

The free-to-view ‘Timeline of Art’ allows users to view a collection of paintings chosen from the early Renaissance era, right the way through to more recent works such as Andy Warhol’s famed ‘Pop Art’ collection. To the right of the image is a synopsis of the piece offering useful snippets to whet the appetite.

 The online gallery has been handpicked for art-lovers to expand their artistic horizons without the hassle of having to scour the globe or the web to find and appreciate masterpieces.

Despite the advent of the internet making it easier than ever to view works of art, the sheer volume of information that users are presented following a search makes it difficult to view favourite pieces online quickly.

 According to Google Trends*, the online search term ‘Mona Lisa’, for example, yields well over 23 million diverse results alone. Art enthusiasts can also learn about famous works from as far back as the 15th century through supporting literature within the app.

Every one of the 100+ paintings have been handpicked based on customers’ preferences, with the company using quantitative data taken from Google Trends to inform their decision on what should be included within the timeline.

 The UK search engine’s data reveals the most popular UK searches for paintings online. Topping this list was early Renaissance favourite, the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, which is searched for on average 486,000 times a year*. Following this is Edward Munch’s masterpiece, ‘The Scream’, which users search for by name over 145,000 times a year*.

Rounding out the top 3 is Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, which users search for around 118,800 times annually*.

 A spokesperson from Cadogan Tate, said: “On behalf of our customers, we specialise in bringing iconic works of art together from different locations across the globe and we’re always looking for innovative ways to safely transport the world’s finest pieces to our customers.”

 “Through conversations with our customers, we felt a natural step was to create a mobile collection that anybody can access and enjoy, regardless of where they live, or their current level of interest in collecting art.”

 “Of course there’s nothing like standing in the presence of an actual piece to appreciate the mesmeric beauty of the works we have chosen but we felt this medium would provide an excellent introduction and perhaps inspire viewers to seek out actual pieces that were of interest.”

*Source: Google Trends, April 2017: Keyword search volumes by month x 12 months.

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