Fantastic Gift Ideas that Work for Everyone

Giving gifts always feels good, but finding something suitable can be problematic. Sometimes your mind just goes blank and you struggle to come up with something new.

If that is you, hopefully, this post will help. Below, are some ideas for gifts that are truly personal. Importantly, they are all available online. So, if you are traveling, are working abroad or have been posted away from family all of these ideas can still work for you.

Personalized canvas prints

The other day I came across this website selling canvas prints and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the order process was. All you need to do is to upload your chosen image, select the size you want and the material you want to be used for the print. That’s it; the rest is taken care of by the print firm. They produce the print and will mail it to your loved ones home. The fact you can send them any image makes it easy to truly personalize this type of gift. You do not necessarily have to use a photo that you have taken. Potentially, you can buy a stock image and have that turned into artwork and give that as a gift.

Personalized tech covers

It is also possible to do something similar when ordering personalized covers for a friend’s mobile, tablet or laptop. You just need to be careful to order a cover that will fit. Usually, you cannot get a refund for these types of items. This is understandable because the firms that produce them cannot sell them to anyone else.

It is also possible to order engraved covers for mobiles, laptops, and tablets. They are a bit more expensive than the photo style covers but they do look nice.

Experience related gifts

Experience gifts are another great option. There are hundreds of different types available. Everything from hot air balloon trips to track days. All you need to do is to choose one that suits the person you are giving the gift to.

It is also important to check the terms and conditions. For some experience trips and courses, there are age and mobility limits. Usually, after you have paid you will be sent a voucher, which you can give then pass on to your friend or family member.

Before, buying you should also check how long the voucher will be valid for. Most have about a year before they need to be redeemed others only allow you a month or two before they need to be used.

When buying this type of gift it is also important to think about how much redeeming it could cost the person you are giving it to. You really do not want to give the gift of theatre tickets or a cooking course to someone who is not likely to be able to afford the train fare to get there. In that situation, you would be much better off buying them something practical like a travel voucher or maybe give them some cash.

Personalized gifts you can make yourself

Of course, if you are staying somewhere that has a good postal service you do not necessarily have to order something online. Instead, you can make one of the personalized gifts you can find here and post it to your family member or friend.






  1. I recently gave my brother a father’s day gift that he loved. Since military men travel so much, I thought a new duffle bag with a engraved bag tag from – would be great since they aren’t too expensive and he absolutely loved it! Just an idea if you need an upcoming gift idea 🙂

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