Manchester – Need Yer’Air Done?

I have thick, long nightmare hair, which is greying rapidly. I am a stylist’s nightmare. When I walk into a salon and ask for a full head of highlights they literally shudder. Finding a stylist that I can trust has been the bane of my life.

Thick hair

It is a blessing and a curse. Yes, it’s nice to have body, but would I exchange quantity for all the hours I could regain if I didn’t have hair that took two hours to blow-dry and when done so, without being blown out, looks like the result of an electrocution? From ridiculously long styling times to being dreaded and avoided by stylists, the downsides of thick hair have caused me years of wasted hours, cash and social anxiety.

All my life, I’ve known that once a stylist did my hair for the first time, it was pretty much over. As soon as they realize just how much hair you have, and just how long it takes, you become the client they dread when you book in. It doesn’t matter the experience of the stylist, the sheer volume of hair us thick-haired girls have simply takes too much time. In the time it takes to do one really thick-haired client, a stylist could theoretically be seeing four different clients and making almost four times as much.

Dying long thick hair like mine takes courage. I need a stylist that is not fearful of hair dye and one who knows that they can coat my hair with dye and that my Samson-like locks are not going to split, break or crack under the pressure.

These stylists are as rare as rocking horseshit and when I find one who is not frightened to turn my greying thick locks into luscious tendrils of youthfulness I hold onto them and make them sign an oath of allegiance until they die (I may be exaggerating).

Now the people of Manchester don’t need to go through the hair trauma that I have endured for years because of the launch of a fabulous new online offering called Rock Pamper Scissors. This funky site is an online compendium of the hottest salons, stylist and beauty shops in and around the city. Depending on what you look for in hair stylist, this site will give you the down low, on who is who, what they offer and how much they charge. For some people a haircut is a haircut and it just comes down to price whereas for me it’s about trusting a stylist who is going to help me keep that grey at bay from my thick unruly locks. Rock Pamper Scissors has the answer to your stylist prayers.



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