Real Life: It’s a Peloton-ic!

It was during the quarantine that I was concerned with the impending 2nd wave of Covid19, and potential lockdowns, during the inclement, dark winter months, the likelihood of me turning into Jabba the Hut was nigh on inevitable.

Real Life: Homeschooling can do one!

WARNING! This blog is very sweary. Don’t read it if you don’t like swearing. This blog is dedicated to all the parents who hate homeschooling and all the parents who are feeling incarcerated by enforced domesticity. I’ve heard that commissioning …

Real Life: Can all the virtue signallers please calm down!

The Covid19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world we live in. It represents to many a complete feeling of lack of control of everything and everyone. Of course, one of the strangest advantages of having supported Hagar’s military career for …

Real Life: CoronaGeddon – How are you coping?

This crisis isn’t the worst crisis I have encountered in my life. I was already in isolation from some of my family. I had already lost many of my friends. I have already faced financial ruin.

#WomenProtectYourIncome The Real Cost of Female Selflessness

 The Real Cost of Female Selflessness   Working women, especially mothers, are busy people spinning many plates at once – professional work, domestic work at home, child care and perhaps also caring for elderly parents.  If one of these financially critical plates …

Writer: Sneak Preview of My Next Book ‘Looking For Mr Rabbit’

The publishing world of words can feel like a sausage machine. Writers quietly steel themselves away and pen tomes, reveal them to the world, readers devour them or ignore them unaware of the years of toil that has been invested …

Real Life: Back To Afghanistan In 2017

“It’s been awhile since Hagar’s been deployed on ops, and as I prepare for it’s coming I think back to the challenges we have previously faced.” I wrote this on May 25th 2010 in my blog post Hagar’s Fantasy Family. …

Real life: Macnaughty’s Manifesto – Vote For Me

I am devastated by the Referendum. It consumes me. I am ranting on Facebook, but like any bad drug, it’s not helping and instead, making the despair worse. I am getting stuck into conversations with people who are impolite and …

Real Life: Back in Business

The life of a freelancer is peaks and troughs and despite living in The Shire for around 5 years it has taken me a long time to find my footing amongst the local business community. I think partly because I …

Real Life: Shocked To Discover My Parent Blog In The Hands of Convicted Pedophile

Two weeks ago my blog went offline. I called the guy who was looking after my hosting and I didn’t hear back from him. I had noticed that he was no longer on Facebook but didn’t think much about it …

Real Life: Tips For Supporting Your Kids During Military Away Time

A life connected to the military means a lot of time away for the serving partner. This is just the reality of life and to be honest I am used to it. Jules over at The Giggles Family has put …

Parenting: Didn’t Breastfeed? Broccoli Is The Ultimate Maternal Compensator

Did you not breastfeed your baby? According to new cock womble research, breastfed babies are more likely to turn into well-educated and higer-earning adults according to a long-term study in Brazil. ” Our study provides the first evidence that prolonged …

Real Life: Self Discovery?

Do you know who are you? Are you on a journey of self discovery?   I am preparing to immerse myself in an edit. Sarah Westcott from the Addendum Agency has come back to me with notes on how to …

How to Make a Great Business Website

Having a great website for your business is a must. E-commerce is booming and now more than ever you need to make sure that when a customer lands on your website they are impressed immediately. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Family Car

Buying a used family car can be a great way to save money while still getting a reliable vehicle. However, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase.

9 Ways To Immediately Calm Yourself Down

People worry about all sorts of things. They wonder what will happen next in their lives and how they will cope. They fear their hopes and aspirations won’t pan out. And they concern themselves with their children’s progress. There’s an endless list of problems playing out in their minds. 

A Wardrobe Revamp Without Breaking the Bank

A wardrobe revamp doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! With some creativity, resourcefulness and an eye for fashion trends, you can easily update your wardrobe on a budget.

10 Essential Things You Need For Your Pregnancy

You’re going to want to invest in some maternity clothes that fit comfortably as your body changes throughout the course of your pregnancy.