#BrandsStopExploitingBloggers Working For Money – Join the cause!

There is nothing that grits my shit more than getting PR calls from blogger outreach executives and PR account managers asking me to work on behalf of their client for free.



For example, the Andy Coulson would not approach Rupert Murdoch and ask him if he would support the Conservatives just because it’s in the best interest of the people. No! He says if you support the Conservatives I will incentivise you with some first class political corruption with the BSKYB deal. Sorry, I digress. By the way, it’s possible that did not happen. It’s conjecture or is it hearsay?

My point is this brands have marketing budget for advertising and PR and they are not allocating it to bloggers but instead are expecting them to endorse and support their products without a fee. Time is money. Every dumbass, fuckwit PR that rings me is getting paid to waste my time but I am not being paid to listen.

The way forward is ‘Brand Ambassador’ programmes where bloggers are incentivised brand champions and they can have dialogue with the brand about their blogging journey, especially if they hit ‘negative obstacles’ on the way. It creates dialogue and builds relationships and provides agreed incentives or perameters for bloggers to authentically champion the brand.

Bloggers are your customers and they have direct, intimate relationships with the audience brands may be looking to court. They also storyboard their brand journey via twitter, instagramfacebook and their blog. A relationship with a blogger raises awareness in a more intimate way then straightforward advertising or editorial. It sets the tones, paves the way and leads the conservation in a way that mainstream media lacks the resource, creativity or flexibility to do so.

You know it’s not just me who is pissed off these bloggers are too:

Mummy Barrow vents her spleen


WitWitWoo has the hump

Are you a blogger? Does this piss you off?

Use the #BrandsStopExploitingBloggers – write the post and link us all together. Let’s get this show on the road.

Soon the blogger will have to publicly name and shame brands and agencies – let’s face it we are talking £100s not £1000s – how much is reputation worth?





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