Pop Surrealist Artist Natasha Letham Designing Cover for Looking For Mr Rabbit – my next book #comingsoon

Finally, we have a title for my latest book:

Looking For Mr Rabbit

Breaking News – Pop Surrealist Artist Natasha Letham is designing the cover for Looking For Mr Rabbit. She paints about dreams, feelings, pop surrealism and the elusive Mr Rabbit.

Natasha Letham, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, 28 February 1970. Now living and working in Uzès in the South of France. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibited in Edinburgh in the ‘90’s. Early works consisted mainly of figurative painting. From a family working in antiques and the Arts, uses vintage and nostalgic influences of a lost childhood in her more recent works. She uses childlike figures with an intention to convey a certain ambiguity, appearing quite pleasant yet often a disturbing or melancholic essence lies beneath. Recently discovering the Italian Pop Surrealist movement, she employs contemporary fears and troubles and attempts to cement them within a vintage environment.

Tash and me are with Mr Rabbit in Edinburgh circa 1994. At the time I wrote the poem 'Looking For Mr Rabbit'

Tash and me are with Mr Rabbit in Edinburgh circa 1994. At the time I wrote the poem ‘Looking For Mr Rabbit’

I wrote this poem before I met Hagar, one day with Tash at her house in Bell Place, in The Colonnies, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Looking for Mrs Rabbit

Beyond the day to day rigours of futile life,

Their souls are searching for the one who is right.

In the darkness of the blackest night,

They hunt and prowl and seek things that are out of sight.

Around every corner, unsuspecting they lurk.

They are not cautious mostly drunk and bezerk.

With cocks like steel they prowl.

At unsuspecting bunnies they growl.

Poke and prod. No one is safe from their dynamite rod.

These bunnies are naive yet wet.

Do they know what they are about to get?

Erect and eager they need to shunt

Their rock hard penis in her moist warm cunt.

Post coital. They want to leave.

Get up and go and let her grieve.

” I’m sorry sweetheart it was the grog.

I thought it wa syou but in fact you are a dog.”

I have 120,000 words that now need blending and editing. Every minute, of every day, I think, I need to edit my book and I resent every chore, every moment of domestic drudgery, that is keeping me away from my latest obssession. But I also know that I can’t rush this book. I need to do it properly. I rushed my first book and made many mistakes that I don’t want to repeat.

The first excerpt of Looking For Mr Rabbit is available to read on WattPad – http://www.wattpad.com/71435077-looking-for-mr-rabbit

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