Je Deteste Le Menage – #PrêtàLire

I have just self-published via Createspace and Amazon Kindle Direct the french language version of my book. Then I subsequently learned that French people don’t like Amazon and they don’t own Kindles. Doh! #putain

Fingers crossed the French Canadians love it! Help! If you know any French speaking people that read books then please recommend mine.

J’ai juste auto-édité par Createspace et Amazon Kindle Direct, la version française de mon livre. Ensuite, j’ai appris par la suite que les Français n’aiment pas Amazon et qu’ils ne possèdent pas Kindle. Doh! #putain

Croisons les doigts les Canadiens français adorent! Aider! Si vous connaissez des personnes francophones qui lisent des livres alors s’il vous plaît recommander la mienne.


  1. I’m astonished. Amazon’s not going to be happy when it eventually discovers it doesn’t own the entire reading world? I didn’t know that French people don’t use kindles, either!

    1. I know! It’s the sort of information you could do with prior to investing in the translation of your book. Ah well – at least it’s out there. Apparently my book’s a bit shocking because I don’t like selflessly serving my husband and children and have the audacity to not enjoy being a domestic slave at everyone’s beck and call. This is simply not the role of mother, wife, woman that society is comfortable with!

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