5 Top Tips For Busy Mums

For busy mums shouldering the heavy load of managing active toddlers or young babies, life can get pretty hectic in the blink of an eye. Of course, having a young child around makes things busier no matter what your situation – but if you happen to be a mum managing most of the parenting duties on your own, this is amplified considerably. To a certain extent, unfortunately, this is just the way it goes. But on the other hand, every little tip and strategy to simplify your life and offer relaxation can help a great deal. With that in mind, here are 5 miscellaneous tips for how a busy mum with active young ones can decrease stress and increase productivity and relaxation.

1. Always Pack A Bag
Young children are prone to a number of issues that can be solved by preparation. If you are out with your child and he or she needs a change of clothing, gets hungry, or even becomes bored and cranky, having an emergency bag can be of great service. Try to always pack a bag featuring an easy snack, some entertainment, and alternate clothing for your kids, and you’ll minimize stressful situations outside of the home.

2. Create A Play Pen
Somehow play pens seem to have gone somewhat out of style – but the fact remains that they can work wonders in giving you a bit of time for yourself and helping your kids to use up some energy. A child-proof area set aside with toys and space is a perfect way to get your kids out of your hair for a bit without having to worry.

3. Try Contact Lenses
This is a simple tip that may benefit you more frequently than you might guess. The fact is, babies and toddlers like to crawl, squirm, and reach, and they don’t much care if your glasses stay in place or intact. Having to hold a child can be stressful anyway, but if they’re constantly messing with your corrected vision, it’s downright annoying. A simple switch to contacts can help you to avoid this hassle, and also keeps you more prepared to be on the go with your kids.

4. Find Time For Yourself
It seems a bit odd to suggest finding time when you’d obviously do so if you could. But the important thing is not to think of free time as a luxury – think of it as a necessity. When you are able to relax a bit or take care of a personal need, you’ll be far more alert and relaxed during the rest of your day.

5. Give Your Kids Projects
Another way to occupy your kids and free yourself up a bit is to give them projects. It could be something artistic, something athletic, or even something productive – but kids love to please, and will often become very engaged with specific projects. Before you know it they’ll be happy and tired, and you’ll be able to relax!

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