And The Winner Is…..

Before I reveal the winner of the Bumper Pre-Christmas Giveaway because there is only one winner from the 35 competition entrants – let me launch the next bumper giveaway with over £133.92 of free toys for girls and boys!!

This includes:
National Geographic Land & Sky Telescope £12.99
This telescope will fill the needs of anybody who has ever wanted a compact, quality optical instrument for general observing, nature study, and even astronomy! Can be used as a handheld telescope, or with the included aluminium tabletop tripod.

Ben 10 Shaker Maker £9.99
Shake, shake, shake and magically create! Just fill the specially designed moulds with Shaker Maker Powder and shake to create 2 Ben 10 models, then decorate them however you want using the paints provided.

Disney Princess Shaker Maker £9.99
Magically create artistic models of your favourite Disney Princesses with shaker maker for hours of educational fun. Add the magic powder to water, shake, remove, dry and paint.

Galt Cute Cupcakes £5.99
This pretty plaster moulding kits lets you mould and decorate 4 mini cupcakes and a cake stand to display them on. Add sparkle with glitter glue. They almost look good enough to eat!

Leapster Explorer Green Console £49.99
The Leapster Explorer Green Console is an amazing learning experience that encourages children to discover something new every day. They are endless ways to play and learn – from games, e-, videos, and online play to customisbale learning skills and more!

Leapster Explorer Penguins of Madagascar Software £19.99
Leapster Explorer Penguins of Madagascar Software sees Skipper suspect that Private is getting soft, so he has created four training missions, each with a differet plush toy to rescue. Rise to the challenge and sharpen your mathemetics skills while Private hones his elite commando skills.

Snazaroo Girl Face Paints £9.99
Paint children’s faces using these hyper-allergenic and non-toxic water-based face paints which are easy to remove and come with a handy step-by-step guide. Includes eight different colours, a brush and a sponge.

Sticky Mosiacs Unicorns £14.99
Get creative with this fun mosiacs by numbers craft set that includes over 3000 sticky foam pieces and 4 sparkling pony mosiac boards.

To enter this giveaway it’s simple:

– Subscribe to the my blog and get ONE friend to as well – and not via Google Reader but actually subscribe to my blog. I will only accept entries that I can see on my blog subscription wall

– You and your friend ‘Like’ Toys R Us at their Facebook page

– Then paste this post URL link on the page and write:
I am entering A Modern Military Mother’s Bumper Pre-Christmas Giveaway here

And The Winner Is…..

(If you are already subscribed to the blog and already ‘Like’ Toys R Us – you do have an advantage. Sorry – UK entrants only!)

Closing date and draw: 8th December 2010

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Bumper Pre-Christma Giveaway and the winner is…………….Wendy Macdonald!!! Congratulations WENDY!!!

(The competition was drawn under laboratory conditions by an independent arbitrator knows as ‘Bad CO’ from The Army Rumour Service)

In other news:

I have a cold – boo!! This is typical as it is the RAF Odiham Christmas Draw this weekend and I shall be frocked up to the nines but somehow having to manage my make up so I don’t look like Rudolph the Reindeer. Post to follow on Monday.

I have just booked a trip to Dubai to visit Mrs Vino I will be blogging extensively about this Mrs Vino and I are planning an ex-pat’s look at Dubai living. It’s a crazy place. I don’t want to live there but I find it fascinating to look at it so I shall be given you an inside view.

I am going sans Hagar, sans The Grenade and The Menace so that I can lie by the pool and rest up in preparation for the pending deployment which will render me looking after our two children. I need to re-charge my batteries. About 7 years ago I bore The SLEEP DEPREVATOR………aka The Grenade and then 2 years ago I bore The HAVOC CREATOR aka The Menace, I think I can count the uninterrupted night’s sleep that I have had in 7 years on both hands. Anyway, I think Hagar needs to spend some quality time with his children so that he can feel blessed about his pending 10 week holiday in Crapistan. It will mean that he will look forward to deploying – it will be a nice break 😉

Always look on the bright side of life…..di doo di doo di doo di doo di doo

(I am just being glib – don’t get your knicker’s in a twist if Hagar had said this and not me – you would all be guffawing!)

I refer to you one of my early posts called Hagar’s Fantasy Family – War is simple. Family is messy.


  1. You left out the UK entrants only clause this time. Seeing as how people are inviting friends you better put it in or you’ll have entries from some desolate place like Newfoundland, Canada! 🙂
    They all look like awesome toys – if I had any UK friends that don’t already read your blog I would totally send them your way!

  2. I’ve got my friend to subscribe – do I have to tell you who that is how will you know the first part has been done?

  3. wow and wow, what a super selection! particularly coveting the Leapster, as my son’s was destroyed by 3 naughty girls who came for lunch with their parents at our place and didn’t even apologise.
    I sub to your blog and Like the FB page. A friend is adding her details as I write. 🙂

  4. Hi i have just subcribed to forum this is a really great forum with fantastic prize giveaways please could you enter me in to the contest thanks

  5. I am not quite sure how to make sure I am properly subscribed either, I entered the last competition and thought I did it correctly but that might have been through the reader? Thanks for another fab competition! x

  6. I subscribed your blog and I like Toys R Us on FB (Marzena Szymborska) .I’ve sent you details my friend.He also subscribed to your blog and like Toys R Us on FB

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