#Backtoschool – It’s That Time of Year Again

I can’t believe the holidays have whizzed past and it’s time to think about the new school year. This September both my children will be going to state school and so for me, believe it or not, the back to school purchases are not as painful as usual. Even more so because I managed to get so much for so little from George at Asda and they are great quality clothes to boot. For £40 I managed to get a pair of school shoes, three pairs of grey cargo pants, a pair of trainers, some swimming trunks and four polo shirts. This pretty much covers the uniform for my 10 year old son who is no longer at boarding school.

I didn’t even have to leave the house and battle the shops because ordering online is so easy and it’s delivered to your door with a very impressive free next day delivery. Last year, I bought a foot measurer for my children because I couldn’t bear the stress of parents and kids crammed in that last weekend of crazy shopping. The best thing, of course, is that back to school range runs all year around so I can top up the kit when I need to instead of having to buy it all at once. With one weekend to go before my kids go back I am planning to spend the weekend with them instead of stressing myself out at the shops with last minute back to school madness.

George from Asda
George from Asda



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