Cost of being a single parent

Being a single parent can be both rewarding and difficult. In a world where all the family deals seem to be marketed at households with two adults and two children, single parenthood can be that bit harder. Pay Plan conducted a study to find out just how much extra it costs for a single parent to do family activities and what was found might surprise you.

After searching the market we found that some typical family activities can be more expensive for single parents, due to “family deals” targeting two parents and two children. This was calculated by looking at the offers and prices provided by travel, transport, and activity brands. Our results found that in every instance, being a single parent guarantees you’ll pay more.

If a single family were to do all these things over the course of a few years they would find themselves paying an extra £2,904.95 compared to a two-parent family.

This has been highlighted by  who have created an infographic that displays this in an easy to consume way. What makes this discovery more interesting is that one in four UK families is headed by a single parent! Based on this information you would think businesses would do more to cater to their audiences.



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