Heat Holders Thermal Socks Review

The entire family has been wearing these heat holders thermal socks all week and we LOVE these socks! They are really soft on the inside, just pop them on for instant toasty toes!! My little girl won’t take her’s off, she’s had them on for 3 days and even wears them to bed.

We’ve put them to the test on a really frosty morning and our feet have stayed lovely and warm but you definitely won’t need to wear them if the you’re indoors with the heating on as they do tend to make your feet extra hot and a bit sweaty!! The real test will be when the snow comes, coupled with wellies, but I’m confident they won’t let me down! Even the husband has become a ‘thermal sock convert’ since being forced to wear these for a week.

The socks wash well, although the fleece inside loses it’s smooth appearance it doesn’t affect the comfort of them. I’ve tried other thermal socks but none have been as soft to wear or kept my feet as warm, I will definitely be buying more in a range of various colours!!

Brought to you courtesy of Heat Holders

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