Make Smoking When Pregnant Illegal!

Two days ago, I was driving to nursery to collect The Menace and I saw a heavily pregnant women walking to school blatantly smoking a cigarette. It was awful to see. I couldn’t stop myself thinking that smoking when pregnant is wrong.

Look, I am not a righteous healthy person. I smoke occasionally still. I drink too much. I eat too much. I don’t exercise enough. I am a wholly flawed individual who has abused their body again and again. I don’t think twice about popping a ibruprofen and washing it down with some red wine and then following it up with a paracetamol. But I didn’t smoke when I was pregnant and to be honest I didn’t drink either (it gave me heartburn and so I took it as a sign and just didn’t bother.)

I think that smoking is a freedom for the adult individual. I agree with the smoking bans and I don’t smoke in front of my children. I don’t encourage them to smoke and I would lie if they asked me if I did smoke. As far as my children are concerned I was a nun, until I met their father, he was the only man I ever had sex with, we only did it twice and that was when they were conceived. I was a model student, who always did as I was told and did my homework on time. This is all they need to know!!! (They are 8 and 3 years old – there is plenty of time!!)

Therefore, me’lud I put it to you that I hate seeing pregnant women smoking so much that I actually think it should be illegal!!! Just call me Mary Whitehouse and find me a big fuck off soap box and let the tomatoes be thrown. I am sorry – it’s just how I feel. What do you think?

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  1. If its legal for an adult then it cannot be illegal for a pregnant adult woman – once you start framing pregnant women as something other than an adult responsible for their decisions you’re taking the first step on the route to the insane anti-woman legislation we are seeing now in the US – and that really is scary!

    Banning it for ALL adults is really the only answer. There’s as much harm done to children outside he womb living with parents of either sex who smoke in their company. And I say this as a secret usually a bit squiffy occasional smoker myself. But don’t tell my kids…. Or my mum! (adulthood is perhaps a myth huh?)

    1. Yes – you are right! I know and I just shuddered at the thought of the pro-life lobby using this legislation to ban abortions! Grrrr!!!

  2. Yeah like Nikkii says banning pregnant women from smoking is a sound idea…but would be taken to the ultimate conclusion in places like the US where a woman no longer has a right of what to do with her body.

    I know what you mean though it is really shocking to see pregnant women smoking and you just can’t understand if they just don’t know it is harmful or don’t care?

    1. It’s horrible!! But yes – on reflection I might have to change my mind about the illegal bit!

  3. I grew up when Hollywood was still trying to convince everyone that smoking was just the sexiest thing a woman could do. This image meshed poorly with the fact that my mother would jump out of bed in the morning, run into the bathroom and hack up a lung for several minutes, then run downstairs and light a cigarette.


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