Travel: Order Restored at Home as Kids Go Camping with Camp Wilderness

It was quite nerve wracking to send my kids on a bushcraft camping holiday. I was anxious when I picked them up – would they resent me for abandoning them in the cold woods for four sleeps? How wrong I was to worry – they had an absolute blast. Don’t take my word for it watch the movie we made of their time away. I love they way they begin neat and timid and by the end are grubby, feral, relaxed and confident. I have seen a real change in both of them since they have come back. They have more energy and they are playing more creatively outdoors instead of being plugged in and online the whole time.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, whilst the kid’s were away, I had the space and time to smash through my job list and create order where chaos once reigned. In the first week of the school holidays they had trashed my office and their bedrooms!

Before Camp Wilderness

Messy attachment Isabella's bedroom messy Ben's bedroom

After Camp Wilderness

Tidy officeIsabella tidy Ben's bedroom tidy

When we arrived at the campsite they were delighted to see us chattered incessantly about all their adventures.

Happy campers

But the minute we got them in the car they immediately zonked out, exhausted and grubby but very happy campers indeed.

Wrapped in tribal flag Tired kids

For more information on Camp Wilderness

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