Popular children’s bedroom themes

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 15.54.17When it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms, both a combination of creative thinking and elbow grease are required. Sometimes a child’s bedroom is as much fun to decorate as it is to rest in.



An underwater theme is a popular choice for many children, especially those who wish to sleep alongside a variety of marine life. From hanging surfboards upon the wall to creating a deep-sea mural to using a treasure chest as a bedside table and a ship as a bed, there are a number of ways to style a nautical-worthy bedroom.


A fairytale inspired room

Kid’s love fairytales – from indulging in stories of cowboys and Indians to imagining what it’s like to become a princess or a famous ballerina for the day – you can make your little ones very happy by creating bedroom themes taken straight from the pages of one of their favourite books.

From choosing themed childrens beds to creating a feature wall adorned with life sized images of their favourite characters, all that is required to fashion a fairy-tale bedroom is a large dose of imagination.


Football mania

Many kids are football mad, which makes such a pastime a popular bedroom style. In such a scenario, choosing a loft bed is a great idea. The space underneath can be used to create a football goal, allowing your little ones to indulge in their favourite pastime whenever they desire.

For more boy-friendly bedroom ideas, take a little inspiration from these ten fun themed room concepts.


Sleeping beauty

Aside from being a popular storybook, sleeping beauty is also a popular children’s bedroom theme. Whether you choose to buy new furniture adorned with fairytale emblems or revamp existing furniture sets, there are a number of ways to create a fantasy-styled bedroom today.



From china cabinets to traditional iron bedsteads to antique-style quilts and hand woven rugs, vintage themes are a good option for little girls who are a little too old for fairytale stories yet still enjoy a girly style. This particular theme is one that can be adjusted over time, making it a timeless option that will last for years as opposed to a few months.

Creating a vintage bedroom look doesn’t have to cost the earth, and once the bedroom furniture is in place, soft hues, delicate patterns and textured fabrics can be used to create an instant feminine style. You can always take modern furniture and distress or age yourself if you feel creative enough.



Another popular choice when it comes to decorating a little girl’s bedroom is paisley. This glamorous and feminine style is a great option for ages ten and above. In order to create a modern take on this look, think ‘contemporary preteen meets young Indian princess’.

Choose one feature wall and decorate with pastel hued, print wallpaper. Adding a bedspread with the same pattern will tie the entire look together whilst creating an extravagantly girly set-up – perfect for your very own little princess.











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