Qualifications to Check for Before You Hire a Nanny

If you’re a parent, you know how important it is to find a nanny you can trust. After all, you’re entrusting this person with one of the most precious people in your life: your child. But how can you be sure that the nanny you’re considering is suitable for the job? Below, we’ve listed qualifications to check for before making your final decision. 

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Check For References

One of the most important things you can do when hiring a nanny is to check their references. This will give you a good idea of their kind of person and how they interact with children. If possible, try to speak to parents who have previously employed the nanny. They’ll be able to tell you firsthand what it was like to work with them.

Check Their Childcare Qualifications

When you’re looking for a nanny, it’s essential to check their qualifications. Ideally, you should hire someone with experience working with children and a relevant childcare qualification. This will give you peace of mind knowing they have the skills and knowledge needed to care for your child.


This is perhaps the most critical question to ask. A nanny with years of experience will likely be more patient and better equipped to handle difficult situations than one just starting. Furthermore, an experienced nanny will probably have developed a routine that works well for both children and parents. 

Is The Nanny Certified in CPR And First Aid? 

In an emergency, it’s essential to know that your nanny is certified in CPR and first aid. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child will be in good hands if something happens. MyCPR NOW can help your nanny become certified in CPR and first aid.

Do They Have A Valid Driver’s License And Insurance? 

If your nanny is responsible for driving your child around, it’s essential to ensure they have a valid driver’s license and insurance. This will ensure your child is safe while going places with the nanny.

Clean Criminal Record

This one is self-explanatory. You don’t want to hire someone with a criminal record, as this could put your child at risk. Be sure to run a background check before making your final decision. 

Is The Nanny Comfortable With Pets?

If you have pets at home, then it’s essential to find a nanny who is comfortable around them. After all, you’ll want someone who will be able to take care of both your children and your pets. 


It’s always helpful if the nanny has her transportation. This way, she’ll be able to take your child to and from school or extracurricular activities without problems. Always check for previous parking tickets or accidents before hiring them.

Hiring a nanny is a big decision. After all, you’re trusting this person with your child. That’s why ensuring that the nanny you’re considering is qualified for the job is essential. By asking the above questions, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for yourself and your child.

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