Rainforests – The Burning Issue

“If we lose the battle against tropical deforestation, we lose the battle against climate change. Please join me in trying to save the rainforests – for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”

The Prince of Wales

Humans are like termites. We are marching along stripping the planet of it’s natural resources and destroying it. We do it knowingly and lazily. When it’s too late and we are drowning, or frying, we’ll say ‘damn, we should have stopped but who knew that it would get this tough?’

The majority of us are lazy, selfish and greedy. We have forgotten how to give and we only know how to take. We have become insular and inward looking. We are fighting each other about who is right and who is wrong. How to live. Who to be. Being right is the most important thing, whilst all around us we are eroding our planet and destroying our host. We are ignoring it because it’s simpler to to do the easy thing and live our selfish lives and not do the right thing.

For me, it’s time to do the right thing. I am going to learn how to live more sustainably, more responsibly. I want to give something back to the earth as the earth has given to me. I am throwing off the shackles of materialism and consumerism. I am saying ‘I am a tree hugger and proud.’ There it’s done now. It’s out there. My name is A Modern Military Mother and I am a pacifist, lentil loving, hippy who is getting back to nature. This is the beginning of a pretty, crazy journey of which I am completely un-qualified and un-skilled to deliver. Please wish me luck.

So I ask you to take some positive action against de-forestation, please, at least, visit RAINFOREST SOS and have a read and see what we are doing to Mother Earth – perhaps think about it and maybe even make a positive contribution to the planet. I think that would be a decent thing to do. Do you think we should live more sustainably? It’s hard though. Especially with my fear of bugs!!!!!


  1. This issue needs to impinge more and more onto the global psyche. People are starting to come around but it’s all too slow. I don’t think people have sussed yet that what is required is a change of lifestyle for us all. It’s not a simple matter of driving shorter distances or only flying abroad for essential holidays. Everything needs to change: the way we farm, the way we eat, the way we work, the way we live. At one time I did not fear for myself as much as for my kids – what kind of world will be left to them – but now, I’m sorry to say, I’m starting to fear for me and my kids. We cannot sustain our current lifestyles for the next 25 years let alone 50.

  2. I think sometimes folk think it takes a massive change to make any difference but actually if we all did one small thing it would have immense impact. OH & I are doing what we can!

  3. I think we need to treat our planet a whole lot better than we do now. One of the reasons we live at River Cottage, which is far too small for us really, is that we have nearly two acres of land on which to grow our own vegetables, 9 apple trees, two plum trees and space to keep chickens. We don’t have enough to be self-sufficient but every little helps. We do try to use public transport wherever possible and reduce our carbon footprint but I suspect it’s still the size of a yeti. But deforestation is not just a problem in the rainforests. Where we lived in France the farmers are gradually stripping the land of trees and hedgerow to make ever bigger fields while the other inhabitants are chopping it down for firewood. The end result is flooding, even in places that don’t normally flood, like on the top of a hill where we lived. My neighbour’s house was flooded 5 times in 3 years because the farmer who owned the land behind her had stripped it of all the natural defences. She previously lived in a mill and didn’t flood once! It led to destroyed crops and millions of euros in compensation but still they chop and strip.

  4. I love that comment about you wanting to get off the grid. It’s something i would love to do and something I’ve thought about a lot – what would happen if it all just stopped tomorrow? If suddenly there no more electricity left? How would we survive? I think it’s something we need to seriously consider and implement, become as self sufficient as possible.

      1. 50 years but it’ll be faster than that cause the last 10 years worth will be bought up by the highest bidders, kept in reserve for military and hospitals etc. Heck, maybe even the last 20 years worth…that makes it just 30 years…scary!

  5. I’m with you all the way sister. I do try to be as green as I can be, sometimes I fail terribly.

    A lot of people think that the little they could contribute doesn’t mean anything when you take into all the industrial pollution etc – but they are wrong. If every body started taking small steps and applied pressure the big industries to take even bigger steps we might just save this planet yet.

  6. I’d love to be more green. We are hoping in our ext house to get solar panels and better use our grey water. It’s just finding that upfront money to get it all happening. It will happen though. You’ve inspired me x

  7. We do the best we can too but I know there’s more we can do. I too want to go off-grid. My husband and I are planning a move in the next two years that will facilitate that – even looking at building our own earthen house. I know a couple in New York who have gone 90% off grid. They do keep their hookup for emergency use (unlike the rest of us who worry about emergencies) and it only cost them $5000 to create some minor retrofits for their 50+ year old home to enable it. They even run an online book-selling business using their solar powered generator to run the computers! And the books are stored on shelves throughout the home adding an extra layer of insulation. They preheat their water by running it through coils of black piping on their roof (using passive solar heat) and have built a small windmill as well.
    The geothermal heat sounds interesting – I looked into it once but got scared off by the whole heat pump business and potential cost.

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