Real Life: The Book the RAF Wanted to Stop – ‘It’s not all baking, bunting and choirs’

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New Audio Book Release on Audible

 31 October 2013

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Real life 

The Book the RAF Wanted to Stop

‘It’s not all baking, bunting and choirs’ 





What’s it really like being married to the military in real life? And why don’t the military want you to know?

Clare Macnaughton’s no-holds barred blog A Modern Military Mother popped the monocles of RAF top brass from the moment she started posting in 2007. Shortly afterwards the phone calls, anonymous insults and threats to end her husband’s career began.

This year with the publication of her choicest selection of home truths in her book Tales from the Domestic Frontline the flak kept pouring in but so did the praise with military wives contacting her to personally thank her for finally speaking the truth.

Now Strathmore Publishing are releasing an audio version on Audible, with Clare herself, reading her frank, hard-hitting, candid account.


  • ‘Hagar’, the Chinook-flying husband frequently on secret missions in ‘Afghan’, and the children The Grenade, 10, and The Menace, 5
  • The handbag bashing, bake-offs and backstabbing concealing the isolated and unpleasant truth of the life for wives and girlfriends
  • The long celibate months alone with the kids waiting for news from the war zone
  • Hagar’s return, addicted to the high-octane thrill of combat and in need of action at home
  • The end of the party – Hagar’s midnight grope and the court case that destroyed the marriage and hit the front pages.

Clare’s battle with the RAF to be allowed to tell the truth still goes on. She couldn’t be prouder of her ex-husband and of all of those who have sacrificed so much, often including their own lives, for this country. But does this have to be at the cost of the truth? Are threats and intimidation really the way it has to be?

Clare Macnaughton is the co-writer of Sunday Times bestseller, Immediate Response with Major Mark Hammond (Penguin). She has appeared on BBC Breakfast and She has a regular column in Wiltshire Life and the Salisbury Journal and writes occasional blogs for the Huffington Post. She now lives in the country with her two children and animal menagerie of two pigs, six chickens, five ducks, a Maine Coon cat, a hamster she hates and VW Golf GTI, while Hagar bunks in the officer’s mess and has weekend visiting rights.

Deciding to release an audio book Clare went into the studio with her neighbour, 80s pop musician and music producer, Anthony Clark, who has toured with artists such as, Rick Astley, T’Pau, Haircut 100, Joan Armatrading and the Bay City Rollers, to professionally record the two-hour audio book.


Publication 31 October 2013

Audio Version

Listen to 2 minute clip

Available from 10th October - Amazon - iTunes
Available from 31st October
– Amazon




ISBN: 978-1-909277-04-5 

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Clare Macnaughton is a modern military mother; a feminist British military spouse and lifestyle journalist writing about real life adventures.


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