Sorry I Am Going To Use The C Word

For some of you the children have already gone back to school. Mine are now back, and for the most part, by the end of the week, the majority of the little darlings will be fully ensconced in the new school year. I can’t actually believe that I am going to say it but I am already thinking about Christmas! It’s partly because we have a bumper crop of fruit this year and I am planning to give everyone a hamper of our homemade products. I am also getting ready to load up lots of vodka with freshly picked plump blackberries so that we can have some kicking vodka cocktails at Christmas time.

Of course, in the military Christmas is the silly season when comes to drinks parties and so I may be Hagar’s rent a date to stand around and listen to yellow chord wearing Ruperts talk endlessly about themselves and the military. I am lucky because I have a range of cocktail dresses, like this gorgeous Ross Dress from Hobbs, in my wardrobe to ensure that eagle eye of the senior officer’s wives don’t spot me by my outfit. It is a big faux pas to turn up at drinky poos after drinky poos sporting the same dress. Of course, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside if I am asked along to any Christmas drinks I need to pull out another Christmas cracker as well. It’s good to go for a dress staple and then dress it with gloves, jewelry, scarves, fascinator and wraps – a decade of marriage to the military and I know how to disguise an outfit and make it appear like it’s a new one every time but it also helps to have a couple of dresses in your wardrobe so you can have a bit of fun.

Christmas Drinks

I am sorry I didn’t mean to freak you out with my blatant use of the word Christmas, when you have Harvest Festival, Halloween and Bonfire night still to get through.






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