50 Shades of Ben Ainslie – My New Mr Grey!

Tri-Olympic Gold medallist Ben Ainslie is an oxymoron, or is it a paradox? There are two shades of Ben Ainslie – there is off the water Ben, who is shy and wouldn’t say boo to a goose and there is aggressive, competitive, don’t fuck with me on the water Ben, who has no problem calling a competitor a ‘fucking cunt’.

Having worked in sailing since I was 18, I first met Ben Ainslie, before he had won any gold medals, when he had secured a sponsorship with fashion and marine specialist clothing manufacturer, Henri Lloyd. I was working as an account exec for the agency that represented their marine PR. We co-ordinated a fashion shoot with his gorgeousness onboard a Farr 65, moored along the river Hamble. He was shy and didn’t say much and I was fairly indifferent. I have met him a couple of times at boat shows and went to a screening of a film about him at Harbour Lights cinema in Southampton where on cross examination by the enigmatic sports TV presenter, Richard Simmonds, about how he felt; he declared himself ‘totally embarrassed.’

Then, one Cowes week, I happened upon him on the water in full sailing mode and I encountered the angry, competitive Ben, with a furrowed brow and a shaking fist, with utterances of gutters, falling from his mouth. He was hot as hell.
Oh, Mr Ainslie, indeed.

Ben Ainslie victorious Oracle tactician

It appears that there has been a fracas with some Danish bloke in the Finn class that has wound, our Olympic champion, Mr Ainslie, right up, and lead to an altercation in the boat park – sailing doyenne, Kate Laven tells all here

Ben Ainslie is a hottie and over the years I have seen him turn PR girls to jelly. I have heard rumours that he’s spiced up his onshore life – the little tinker – and that he’s about to embark on a self-funded America’s Cup campaign. In this Olympic fortnight I think I would like to nominate him as my new Mr Grey, I am pretty sure that he’s hot with knots, so tie me up Mr Ainslie, you can practise your bowline on me anyday.

C’mon Ben ‘ave him – go for GOLD!!


  1. Right with you. Although having just finished reading his autobiograpy, I can’t quite decide whether I like him as a person. I’m a sailor and I understand why he employs some of the tactics he does – and perhaps that’s why he’s an olympic sailor and I’m not – but his win at all costs approach may be within the rules but isn’t always nice.

    That said, I reckon if I met in real life I’d be a bit swoon-tastic

    1. I think that is what makes it so surprising because his ‘on the water’ persona and his ‘off the water’ persona are so completely different. He clearly channels his aggression into sailing – it is very Jeckyll and Hyde. He’s quite awkward and shy in real life and I am sure you would swoon but he really is a dinghy dork and I doubt you’ll see him busting any moves on the dance floor but maybe as his confidence grows as he steps out of Olympia into the flashy world of America’s Cup he’ll become more streetwise. That said, with all that aggression he may be a demon between the sheets.

  2. Was watching him on tv ,comes across as a self centered deeply conceited prick but i’m sure that’s just his personality coming through.

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