Are You Sitting Comfortably?

By Gigi – at In The Powder Room

Well gosh and darn it if we are not as pleased as punch this week to unveil the next phase in our epic journey towards world domination. A line-up of some of your favourite writers In and Out of the Powder Room. Our channels are staying just the same with the addition of Friday’s anything-goes ‘The Edge’. So who the heckers-like is in our new line-up? Drumroll please…..

Monday is Home Time

Heidi Scrimgeour is a former glitzy PR chick who ditched London for a freelance writing career in a sleepy Irish seaside town. Loves vanilla lattes and beach time. Hates mice, and stepping in something wet when wearing socks.

Lerner is a heavily-tattooed, hen-keeping, profanity-loving, die-hard foodie mom who writes the immensely witty blog Stay At Home Babe.

And finally,

Clare Macnaughton aka A Modern Military Mother, Married to the MOD. Domestic slave. Fighting for freedom and independence.

Tuesday is Me Time

Natalie Lue is the author of infamous relationship blog Baggage Reclaim. A dirty laughing writer using her previous poor taste in men and relationships to empower people to have better experiences.

The Bearded Iris is a suburban hostage with excessive facial hair and no sense of decorum. She has a penchant for boxed wine and bathroom humor. Wife, mother of three, reluctant dog whisperer and borderline hoarder.

Wednesday is… Well, Shit Happens

That Aussie Chick is Lori. “Mummy to two. Suicide widow. Just turned 30. Blogger, bookworm, geek, reformed perfectionist, sugarhead, smoker, smiler, survivor.”

Janie Emaus is a blogger. Baby Boomer. Novelist. Optimist. Loves a good strong cup of coffee at sunrise and an ice cold shaken martini at sunset. In the hours in between, she believes in karma, a girl’s night out, good walking shoes and ghosts.

Thursday is unapologetically old skool with MomsRock

Marketing to Milk is Henrietta Pretty, a writer, digital marketer, property manager, piano teacher. Liable to make impossibly ambitious plans. Portfolio career anyone? Not afraid to speak my mind, though terrible at changing it.
Sandra Charron, formerly known as Narcissicism Uncut, tells us she cannot be defined. An enigma who can eat a big-ass bag of peanut M&Ms without vomiting. Mom of four, nursing student and bikini competitor. Sort of. See an enigma!

Friday – you made it straight to The Edge

Fiona Brownlee The artist formerly known as Sleepless in Suburbia. Mother of three including a baby boy who is deaf. Book publisher. International globetrotter. Plate-spinner and compulsive committee member.

Jessica Bold Wife to a man 13 years her senior. Amazon woman tall. Musically gifted rockstar in the shower. Competitive to a fault. Lover of furry creatures and distance running. Dangerously sarcastic.

Liz Dawes Mother of two. Writer. Part owner of a bar. Blogger. Ex-lawyer. Bit snarky. Feminist. Aspiring novelist. Wears skirts that are too short and shouts insults from the back.

So there you have it. Our exciting new line-up. We’re thrilled to ruddy bits about them to be honest…and sincerely hope you are too. Give them a warm welcome. Or at least leave the seat down. Who says toilet humour don’t work right?!

Gigi x

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