Fancy Dress Fest

Fancy Dress Fest

It’s festie season – let the heavens open and let the rain fall. It’s a British summer after all.

Last year at StockFest I dressed up as a tequila drinking Mexican – well I wore a hat and had some maracas.




At Bestival I was flower powered to the max.

Bestival Fancy Dress Fest

I really enjoy the festival season, as it filled with a lot of activities and it’s such an escapist way to enjoy the summer – not to mention the fact that it allows me to channel my inner child or inner teen and dress up as fantasy characters. In sticking with the usual theme of dressing up, I think I might need to choose a little outfit or accessory for StockFest and Bestival again maybe…?

A networked blogger sent me this article which featured some oddly funny festival outfits – but all of them most of them were a bit too much on the gutsy side for me.

I mean, I have pulled off the Mexican hat and the flower power, but I am not too sure about “Cow Herd” or “Angry Bird” ones, though I could see myself as “Superhero” of some sort – all women are Superheroes!

I figured I might as well look around the site, as she sent me the blog post anyhow. I’m not quite sure what kind of accessory I want as yet, and come to think of it, I may just have to work with what I wore at Bestival.

I did see a few costumes on the site that would be an improvement upon my Mexican “costume”or as you can see in their women’s fancy dress section, it includes more than maracas!


This is actually a nice outfit in itself, and the boots are quite cool as wellI could definitely see someone wearing this as an everyday outfitbar the shot cups and tequila holster!

In terms of this year’s village festival, the village is divided about whether I should be allowed to be the MC or not – maybe I they’d agree if I handed out free drinks dressed as this shooter girl.  Last year, the outrage bus was full of tutting and disapproval to do with the inappropriate nature of my gags.

I can’t help if the guitarist couldn’t keep his strap on and we had to wait for him to sort it out. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so amused by the words – strap on. What can I say I have puerile mind.

Of course, it could be a good antidote to drunken antics by dressing up instead to create some comic interludes rather than badly told jokes with addled punch lines. Maybe as the hostess with the mostess I should dress up as a ringmaster like Harold Zidler, played by Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge – yes, I can, can, can, can.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 19.42.58


Maybe I should camp it up large and let the good times roll.

Fancy footwear is important too – festivals can be long days and it’s important to wear comfortable shoes, so maybe those cowgirl boots in the costume are not the best option after all.  For me wellies make the most sense and you can virtually have any pattern you desire.

I love my liquorice allsorts wellies – they are perfect for festival feet. They look good enough to eat, are super comfy and also great for stomping through the mud – what more can a festival attendee ask for.




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