In Case You Were Wondering What Was Going On…

Since the verdict the outcome for us has been that Hagar is still doing his job. He did not lose his job as I feared. So in many respects the forecast year has come to pass, and so, the ‘away’ begins. This year Hagar is mainly, mostly, away. The irony of the whole situation is that separated, or together, we are separated because he is/was never here anyway.

We are still estranged but we were working together for our children. And so far so good. Ultimately, the only person, Hagar betrayed was me and that is between me and him. He didn’t betray you, so leave it for me to navigate through that complex journey.

The children are in fine fettle and we have managed to shield them for this and keep them updated on a need to know basis. Thank you for asking. We both love them very much and we have agreed to put their needs first.

But I am free, to some extent, of the rigours of living in military quarters and am now fending for myself in the idyllic rental in the shire. The animal menagerie is growing by the week. Current headcounts stands at chickens – 6 Pekin Bantams, 6 Orpingtons, 1 Sussex and two Indian Running Ducks, one rabbit and Pippin, the Maine Coon cat. There are plans afoot for more pigs this summer too.

I have submitted what I hope to be the final draft of the ghostly proposal I am ghosting – I would tell you but I would have to kill you. I have been scribing away on the mother of all jobs since August last year. So fingers crossed it’s finally over. It’s not over until it’s over though!

This week I officially launch the Photographic Art gallery – Pharthaus – so please check out our fabulous images. Wish me luck for it – although I suspect it will be a slow grower.

Then the planning for the launch of AMMMTV begins so watch this space for more news on IPTV programming of The Shire’s trials and tribulations.

I am writing every other month in Wiltshire Life magazine and the next column should be in the May edition, out on the 1st April. I have a bi-weekly column in RAF News so you can read my chunterings there too.

Every Monday, I am hanging out at In The Powder Room

On 22nd June I will be speaking at Brit Mums Live so if any brands want to shower me with product, I need at least two new outfits and new shoes. I am yours for the whoring so shower me with products baby! Have you got your tickets yet?

There has been a lot of talk about it must be such a relief that it’s all over. Relief is too simple. It’s not over for us, for me especially, because it’s just begun. I have to forge ahead trying to survive in a new environment which is just as challenging. I didn’t choose this. I wasn’t able to plan, or prepare, for this outcome. I am still fighting for survival and it’s full of risks. This was thrust upon me and I am doing the best that I can to make my future more liberated. I am playing the cards that have been dealt me to the best of my ability. It’s still sink, or swim, but onwards and upwards. I have learned many things but most importantly, today is what matters. Today matters every day. Every today. Of which, today is now. It was beautifully put and brought to my attention by Alan Bennett and The Blog Up North.

I think I already knew it but I am living in the now and the rest is just a journey I have to navigate. I can’t change the past. I can’t control the future but I can celebrate today. Every day, and so that is what I am doing. Here’s to today – chin chin 🙂


  1. Today is was matters but what is most important is what tomorrow will bring. Onwards and bloody upwards indeed, my dear. x

  2. I am still laughing…. “The Children are revolting”… Just wait till they grow up and hold on tight for the ride that you are just starting….My Boy has a big Chopper too (@Odiam)

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