Love is in the air

One of the advantages, or disadvantages, of military relationships is the inevitable long and frequent separations. They say that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and I think this is true. There is something romantic and enduring about long distance love. The pining, the aching, the yearning and the days spent dreaming and longing to be with your long distant love once again. It is the agony and the ecstacy.

Buying a Valentine’s gift and an anniversary gift are an opportunity to connect and indulge this estranged passion. In absentia, it provides a chance to surprise your loved one with a special gift, or flowers, without your partner thinking that you have been putting it about.

The Internet is a wonderful thing and even from the fighting dustbowl that is Afghanistan you can rustle up a gift for her and order online. There is no need to ever disappoint your loved ones again.

Valentines and anniversaries are a time to say thank you to loved ones for supporting you and to show them that even though you might be a grumpy, ungrateful, unappreciative miserable pain in the bottom that you still love them! #Justsaying!

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