Money: Military Life Means Expect The Unexpected

After 20 years of military disruption to my life, it really has become the norm for me to expect the unexpected. But those that are not connected to the military, or perhaps new to the lifestyle often don’t understand how the military mistress rules us all. When they have to go, they have to go and there is very little you can do it about it. It’s important to understand these things before you embark on a partnership with those who serve. But more importantly, sort out your insurance because money matters! With the uncertainty and unpredictability of military life insurance is an absolute necessity.

The military mistress doesn’t bend even if you have been planning your wedding for a year and spent £10,000 on it. She doesn’t bend if you have booked and paid for your once in a lifetime holiday to the Maldives. So expect the unexpected and protect your savings with holiday and wedding insurance.

Whilst we know that those who serve are invincible (in their heads anyway – which is a good thing) it’s wise to expect the unexpected and prepare in the case of all eventualities. Contingency is as important as mission execution. It’s important to look to a life insurance provider with military experience so that you don’t pay ridiculously high premiums. I can remember that prior to deployment to Operation TELIC, or as I like to call it Gulf War II, premiums rose sharply for those deploying. Life insurance companies reacted to what they saw as the increased risk to service personnel by closing schemes to new applicants, increasing premiums or excluding benefits for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons. Look for a insurance provider such as Trinity, who have experience at dealing with the unforeseeable nature of service life. Trinity are also members of the The Armed Forces Covenant.

Insure their kit. Good kit insurance is essential as it’s inevitable that on a deployment, exercise or even course that some key piece of equipment will get lost or damaged, maybe even stolen. Let’s face it the serving have more kit than a North Face shop, so it’s important that they protect it in the event of calamity.

If you live in quarters or service family accommodation, whilst the insurance of the bricks and mortar might not be your responsibility your possessions inside require protecting. Make sure you find a home insurance policy that covers all your valuables, furniture, bikes and gadgets. With SFA you never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next, and unless you are behind the wire, your home is a vulnerable as the next.

Military life means expect the unexpected and the better prepared you are the better protected you will be so make sure you have all the essential insurances sorted. You don’t want to end up like the Spanish Inquisition.

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