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Just in case you missed the pieces I wrote the Vendée Globe website – here’s a summary of the articles I have been drafting while pounding the pontoons of the Vendée Globe race village over the last few weeks.

I am back to the Race HQ at Gare Montparnasse in a few weeks time. Get onboard the adventure of a lifetime.

26 Oct 12 The Passion of the People

27 Oct 12 Get Onboard The Vendée Globe #VG2012

28 Oct 12 Paris Chic Prêt à Porter Vicomte A.

29 Oct 12 Hidden Dangers – Whales, Containers & Rogue Waves

29 Oct 12 Lucky Riou Declares his Boat ‘The Best’ in the Fleet

30 Oct 12 Tanguy Tugs at the Heart Strings

30 Oct 12 Hounding the Pontoons

30 Oct 12 Boissières Wants His Son To Do The Vendee Globe

31 Oct 12 The Good Ship PRB

01 Nov 12 Turbot’s Tow Team

02 Nov 12 Weather or Not

02 Nov 12 Ju Ju from the Block

03 Nov 12 This is not Bernard Stamm

03 Nov 12 Poujoulat Party Pumps the Pontoons

04 Nov 12 The Tall Guy – Jean-Pierre Dick

04 Nov 12 Hugo Boss Sail Wardrobe

I was also host of the English LIVE website broadcast with Sky Sports Alec Wilkinson, Mr Clean from Sailing Anarchy and solo yachtswoman, Dee Caffiri.

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