Off With His Head – It’s Time To Resign David Cameron!

I am calling for David Cameron’s resignation and that Jeremy Hunt too. We Brits, in recent times, have a tendency to let Governments walk all over us. In Gulf War II there was no appetite for war, and despite the protests of the masses, and the opinion of the majority, Tony Blair marched our nation into war and we let him. There were no road blockades, no rallying, no mass insurrection; we let him fuck us over. It taught future leaders that they can do whatever they like and we won’t complain. They are not answerable to us, but we, in fact, are answerable to them.

The Leveson Inquiry is showing us that the cosy relationship between Rebekkah Brooks and David Cameron was wholly inappropriate. Not because they were in a sexual relationship but because their friendship was unethically exploited to broker power between two greedy, autonomy hunting parties – News Corps and Cameron’s Conservative Party. Now in a pathetic word dance off where Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekkah Brooks and Andy Coulson use carefully crafted sentences to state the truth and nothing but the truth what we see is power protecting power.

But I say NO – it’s not OK. In a democracy the Government elect are answerable to the people. They work on behalf of the people, in the best interests of the people, who elected them. David Cameron behaved unethically and behind closed doors he negotiated and brokered his leadership and his ascent into power through nepotism and subtle solicitation. I say ‘Off with his head!’

Step down David Cameron – your time is up. The tide must turn – the British people can’t let this continue. Call for Cameron’s resignation – it’s your right. In a democracy we choose our leaders they do not get to manipulate us like this. It’s time to jump on the outrage bus – or is it that you simply can’t be arsed?!

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