Ladies – we are cordially invited to a film preview…Thursday at 2pm

Film preview anyone?

This is the documentary accompanying Sebastian Junger’s latest book – War.

I reviewed it recently for The Army Rumour Service

For 15 months, Sebastian Junger followed a single platoon based at remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan. His objective was both simple and ambitious: to convey what war actually feel likes.

This is a bloody, brutal account of soldiers who were born to fight. It made me think about war in a weird way. Bizarrely, I had a lot more empathy for the civilians of Afghanistan than I had thought about before. Not the enemy, not the Taliban but the village dwellers to whom the US soldiers must seem like aliens. The soldiers are thugs for hire with no sense of why or who. They are full of anger and hate if they weren’t fighting here, they’d be fighting in the streets, when they are not fighting war they are fighting each other. It’s made me realise that there is a part of the male psyche that needs to fight with something or someone; men need war. To some extent sport fulfils these needs on a day-to-day level but I think there is some primitive hunting instinct in males that makes them need to fight. The fighting seems barbaric and futile with no real purpose. It seems to be exacerbating the problem not improving it and I can see why. It makes me think of Star Wars – the USA are the imperial Storm-troopers – and the Taliban are Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance. But what I find most frustrating is that you never see what the enemy looks like and why they are fighting. It’s like a terrible horror film where the enemy is so gruesome it is never seen, it jumps out and grabs people and you hear the screams. But for the soldier it’s just bullets, fighting, death, grief, anger, sleeping and wanking, no pause, and repeat.

The body count is high. Junger composes the narrative superbly, knitting a continual compilation of fact and observation. It’s messy, gritty, dirty and violent. It’s a must have read. Hesitate not one moment and purchase immediately.


If you would like to attend RSVP to: Anna Sissons –

Me and London City Mum will be there. The more the merrier.


  1. Enjoy the film, if it is true to the book it will leave you all shellshocked at the horror of war and the de-humanisation that occurs through constant warfighting.

    AMMM – your metaphor of the Taliban being ‘Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Ailliance’ does not sit well with me. To compare an invading force of evil (the Talibs), who subject the people of Afghanistan to a regime of suppression and fear cannot be compared to a Freedom fighting force of rebels (the Star Wars Rebels).

    What we are trying to achieve in Afghanistan is to set the conditions of safety and peace for organisations to come in country and help rebuild the countries industry and infrastructure, to enable them to self govern, as well as defeating or preventing an terrorism from developing within and projecting out, against the rest of the Western world.

    A bit if a rant, but having been there a few times, I think the metaphor is somewhat flippant.

    Still love you though xxx

    1. My darling Hagar. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The metaphor doesn’t mean that the Talib’s are heroes that is not the intention. It really does depend on from whose perspective you are regarding the metaphor.

      Large occupying forces represent imperialism and disparate rebel factions represent the rebel alliance. It was never intended to differentiate between good and evil but simply the scale of the current counter insurgency.

      Who is good:

      The IRA?
      The Resistance?
      The Taliban?
      The Basque Separatists?
      The British Government?
      The US Government?
      The German Government?
      The Spanish Government?

      It’s not about sides. You know I am on your team chum.

      Love you too xx

      1. I hear you on this one… I have fond memories of being accosted by some bloke in a bar, in the Midlands, in the 80s, who on hearing my South African accent, told me he admired the ANC for what they were doing, in dealing with the white “supremacists”. Same bloke was in the British forces in NI, keeping the IRA at bay. I was gobsmacked that he didn’t see the irony… 😀

        ~Ducks before Hagar swipes her with a left hook~ 😉

  2. Babe, I hear you, but……

    A couple of facts for you all, just to emphasise my point a little:

    ‘The Taliban and other insurgents were responsible for 76% of the casualties, up from 53% last year.’

    ‘The report noted that the number of civilians executed by insurgents also rose by 95%, especially in the southern part of the country…..

    ……and included the public executions of children.’

    Any side which deliberately sets out to target and kill ‘innocent’ civilians (their own? people) cannot be ‘freedom fighters’ – whose freedom are they fighting for, their own? Certainly not that of their ‘people’

    Love and kisses, Hagar xxx

    1. I love this little insight into your lives together.

      Hagar – has your wife told you that we are having a rendevous dressed as extras for ‘Sister Act Does Grease’ next Monday and proposing to do stupid things on a vespa and the London underground?

      Have the bail money ready. We may need it.

      Alternatively just dangle the rope ladder out of the Chinook so you can whisk us to safety.

      LCM x

  3. oh dear god, watch out London! Make sure you don’t take a liberty with peoples tube privacy rights!

    But mainly……enjoy!


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