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While on assignment, the US government may provide you with food, shelter, and most other of life’s requirements, they do not handle your US tax returns. As a U.S. citizen or green card holder, it’s imperative to consider your U.S tax filing obligations, even if you are serving your country outside its borders.

We asked our friends at Taxes For Expats to give us an easy to understand breakdown of taxation as a serviceman or woman abroad – here’s what they’ve come up with, we think you’ll find it quite useful in considering future tours, or staying abreast of your requirements if you already are overseas.

Full army tax guide –

The guide above covers important topics such as:

  1. Do I even need to file? If I do, when do i need to do it by?
  2. Will my income be taxed?
  3. Do I have to file taxes if I am in a war zone?
  4. Can I exclude my income, like civilians abroad can?

And many other pertinent topics – have a look!

Ines Zemelman, EA is the founder of

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Resource page:

Taxes For Expats – Provides US tax services for Americans abroad – military and more

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