Champagne Taste Lemonade Money – #TaittingerTasteTest

I can’t afford my own tastes. I can’t be the only person whose eyes are bigger than their wallet. I have always loved Champagne. In fact when I was working out what I wanted to be when I grew up I decided I wanted to work in sailing public relations and drink Champagne. My dream job was to be the press officer for the Champagne Mumm Admiral’s Cup and so I began my journey on the road to a career in communications. I did work in sailing and drink much Champagne Mumm but I didn’t ever work on the Admiral’s Cup.

Of course, now I have switched teams and instead of being the PR who lures journalists to pimp their wares I am now the journalist who is lured. I am not sure if it’s poacher turned gamekeeper or the other way around. I have mentioned before that I am on one of those databases that PRs use to target journalists.

Now bearing in mind that I have Champagne tastes and lemonade money you can imagine my delight when a press release from Taittinger pings into my inbox offering me three bottles of Champagne to review. It would be rude not to really and so the #TaittingerTasteTest was born. What a great idea drinking Champagne for no other reason apart from to see what it tastes like. This is my kind of job!

In preparation for my wedding day many moons ago we did embark on a very thorough Champagne tasting to decide on what to serve our guests. My favourite is Lanson Black Label Champagne. Testing and tasting Champagne is a fine way to spend an evening and with a little help from my friends these are the results of the Taittinger Taste Test.

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The Taittinger Prelude Grand Cru at £49 has golden colour, with a yeasty, straw scented nose. It’s full bodied and fruity with a hint of peaches, sweet and a long finish. It was my favourite and I could easily have quaffed another bottle.

The Tattinger Les Folies de la Marquetterie at £55 is a lighter Champagne, still quite yeasty smelling, was considerably fizzier than the Prelude, lighter, citrusy, dry with a slightly sharp metallic taste. It would be great to serve with a smoked salmon starter and is a good aperitif.

The Taittinger Brut Reserve £38.99 is a classic wedding Champagne which is not as complex as the first two. It’s light and golden and improves as you drink it. It’s sharp, dry, crisp with just enough bubbles.

The Taittinger Taste Test was a marvellous way to drink three bottles of fizz. Drinking Champagne for no apparent reason with friends trying to find adjectives to describe the experience is highly recommended. We even coined a new term the Tatty flush – the warm glow that bubbles bring to your cheeks. Cheers.

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