How I make the perfect cup of Nespresso coffee – how do you like yours?

I love Nespresso coffee. Hagar bought me a Nespresso coffee machine and now, my morning coffee is pure heaven.

This is how I make my perfect cup of Nespresso coffee:

1.) Fill my mug 3/4s with skimmed milk

2.) Heat mug in microwave for one minute

3.) Put cup under Nespresso machine

4.) Dip hand in jar full of Nespresso pods to lucky dip pod

5.) Put pod in coffee machine

6.) Press button until coffee pours

7.) Zizz coffee with my zizzer

8.) Drink coffee heaven for breakfast

Nespresso Coffee

This is how Nespresso think you should do it:

How to Create the Perfect Cup of Coffee


The Beginning

  • The origin of quality coffee is the key to creating your perfect cup. Nespresso has a strict standard for quality, taste and aroma profiles, and therefore only source from 1-2-% of the worldwide coffee crop which meets this standard
  • Nespresso ensure their coffee maintains the highest quality aromas and taste by delivering the bean to the cup in their hermetically sealed capsules
  • Nespresso have a range of 22 Grand Crus to choose from, as well as constantly introducing new limited editions for Club Members.
  • Nespresso ensure there is a coffee to suit all tastes and occasions, whether a latte or a strong espresso shot is preferred, there is a Grand Cru to suit all coffee profiles
  • Keep your taste buds invigorated by mixing it up – explore the wide range of Nespresso Grand Crus to ensure you get to enjoy a broad range of tastes, textures and aromas

The Delivery

  • The unique extraction process of Nespresso machines coupled with the delivery of high quality coffee in the capsules, work seamlessly together
  • The machines’ manage the exact balance between water temperature, pressure, quantity and speed to achieve the fine art of coffee extraction
  • To ensure your machine is well maintained: rinse the machine with fresh water on one empty espresso cycle at a hot temperature to make sure the brew head is clean
  • ALWAYS follow the blend guidelines, making sure to not over extract the Grand Cru and thus spoil its aroma
  • Always use fresh, cold milk for any milk recipes


The Presentation

  • Pick the right cup for your coffee – Nespresso have a range of luxury accessories available  to fit all preferred coffee styles and décor tastes
  • Always preheat the cup before serving for best serving results
  • When preparing a milk based coffee there are two different methods:
    • Pour the milk froth first and add the coffee afterwards: the Milk froth first preparation will provide a high quantity of shiny, creamy and not runny foam perfect for cappuccinos or latte macchiatos
    • Or pour the  coffee first and add the milk froth on top: the coffee first preparation will provide a low creamy and runny foam quantity surrounded by a dark coffee halo, perfect for milk foam lovers who enjoy a latte, flat white or a cold coffee

How do you like yours?


  1. Great post. But what does “zizz coffee with my zizzor mean”? I am new to Nespresso and am struggling to make a drink that actually tastes of coffee, not milk. I want to make one with thick, creamy milk – like a flat white – but the Aeroccino just bubbled everything up. Any tips?

    1. My ‘zizzer’ is a little battery powered whisk, so I pre-heat the milk in the microwave and then use the whisk to froth it so you control how much. It’s very simple and easy. Good luck with you perfect coffee xx

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