Disney Launches Cars 2 DVD & BlueRay

I have been in love with Disney since I was a child. I was raised on their films and the fantasy of happy ever after, sprinkled with fairy dust. I was delighted when I was invited to the launch of Cars 2 on DVD. The Grenade loved Cars and we didn’t get to the cinema to see Cars 2 so it was exciting that we would get a sneak preview of the BlueRay DVD.

I posted on Facebook that we were going and one of my BFF’s, FiFi at KifiCreative creator of the fabulous logo that adorns the site, said ‘can I come too? And can I bring 6 folk with me.?’ Tim at Organic Marketing was very generous and he said ‘yes’.

We all headed off to The Raceway which is on the edge of the big London river with the gates of the Thames Barrier looming over it. The weather was foggy, as we ventured to Greenwich. At the front the venue was industrial but as we walked through the corporate doors an interiors dream of a forumula one world unfolded. We walked into the bar and it was Cars 2 Scaletrix galore. The children instantly scattered.

I tweeted @DisneyMoviesUK #Cars2 that I was delighted to attend and was twittered back by Jen from Jenography one of the doyennes of the blogosphere and the founders of Brit Mums; a must visit site for all your blogging needs. It was brilliant to meet her and I verily talked her ear off. Little did she know that I was a snipsy star struck so chatted like I was on speed.

Whilst I pinned Jen to the wall and talked at ten to the dozen the kids had the BEST TIME EVER!!!! See for yourself how the marvelous day unfolded.

It’s time to enjoy a brand new adventure with best friends Lightning McQueen and Mater as Cars 2 pulls in to stores exclusively on Disney 3D Blu-ray™, Blu-Ray™ and DVD from 21 November 2011.

Directed by John Lasseter, and featuring acting legend Sir Michael Caine in his Pixar debut as top British spy Finn McMissile, Disney Pixar Cars 2 is the follow up to the 2006 Golden Globe award winning movie Cars.
The release, which celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Pixar Animation Studios, ramps up the excitement, the thrills and the action with all the charm and humour of the original.

Cars 2 is released on Disney 3D Blu-ray™, Blu-ray™ & DVD 21 November 2011

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