The Best Educational Trips for HomeSchoolers

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Homeschooling is becoming more popular, and for good reasons, it gives parents more flexibility in the week, and it offers children a better standard of education. One of the perks of homeschooling is educational excursions when they can learn subjects more holistically. 

National Parks 

There’s no better way to stimulate inspiration than to get into the fresh air and visit everything a national park has to offer. National parks are specially designated areas for a reason; they have beautiful landscapes and nature trails. They also have historical sites and places of interest. 

If you want to teach your homeschooler about the local area, head off on an excursion to a national park. Remember, it’s easy to start thinking of it as a vacation and forget about the educational aspect, so give your young learner some questions to answer while on the trip. 

Nature Hikes 

Nature hikes can be local or far away; the thing they have in common is a connection to the landscape and a chase to visit some of the world’s unique creatures and sites. Nature trails are useful for learning about the local flora and fauna and for getting in some weekly exercise. 

Again, you can make these adventure excursions more educational by giving your young learners something to think about along the way. Some questions about the local wildlife and the local plant life are an excellent way to get their brains working as you hike along a nature trail.  

Historical Locations 

History classes are a must for homeschooled kids, and for all kids for that matter. History has shaped the societies we live in, the political systems we have, and our culture more generally. It can be fascinating for parents and students to trace the lessons back to real historical sites. 

Some people think they don’t live in a historical area, but the reality is that every piece of land tells a story, so if you don’t have any old buildings in your area, why not look at its geology of it instead? Alternatively, you could head off on family activity holidays and find some old sites. 


If digging through the dirt or heading off on hiking trails doesn’t take your fancy, why not visit a museum instead? Museums are perfect for educating young learners, and you can even adapt what is in the museum to the lessons you create. This makes it interactive and memorable.   

For example, head to the museum in your own time and make a note of some of the artifacts on display; you can then make interesting homeschooling lessons out of them. When you take your student to the museum, they will consolidate their learning by encountering the same artifacts.  


It’s important to think about the past when teaching young people, but it’s also important to consider the future. There’s no better way to learn about planetary science and gain perspective on the planet than to visit a planetarium with your student and see the stars and planets above. 

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