Nights in with your nearest and dearest

While a night on the tiles can be just the ticket, so too can an entertaining evening in with your nearest and dearest.

If you fancy spending some quality time with your loved ones, make the most of relaxed weekend routines and consider the following ideas for fun-filled nights in with the family.

Treat the family to a takeaway

Why not enjoy a tasty takeaway from the comfort of your own home? Indulge in your favourite family takeaway and make dinnertime a doddle. Get somebody else to do the hard work with no worries about the washing-up.

From Chinese cuisine to pizza and pasta, get something delicious delivered direct to your door. There are plenty of healthy options available too so you needn’t worry about ruining diet plans or nutritional intakes for the sake of an occasional treat.

Get busy in the kitchen with the kids

You may be staying in, but you can still make a night of it. Why not try cooking together as a family and create the food from your favourite restaurant? Whip up a marvellous Mexican meal or cook up a southern fried storm to combine family fun with a practical activity. You can even make your own pizzas with help from supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s!

Children will love coming up with colourful and tasty toppings for various meals you make and will be in their element when getting to join in the kitchen activity.

Alternatively, you can put together a ‘help yourself’ buffet with bowls of bite-size snacks. McCain French Fries make a tasty side dish to add to your table of treats but you can also provide a selection of cold and hot snacks including salad vegetables, fruit salads, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and even mini quiches.

Have a family film night

Kick back and relax from the comfort of your couch and enjoy an evening in with a few family films. Each person can pick their favourite film or choose the latest movies of the moment before you all settle back in your seat with some tasty snacks to share.

Get out some games

Most families will find a few forgotten board games hiding at the back of a cupboard. So why not dig around in your games drawer and spend some time playing a more traditional pursuit? Get the whole family together for a mammoth game of Monopoly or create a Scrabble super league.

Add a few prizes and penalties to introduce a little healthy competition and enjoy an alternative and entertaining evening in with your nearest and dearest. For tech-obsessed families, there are plenty of family and group games available on modern consoles – just make sure you have enough controllers to prevent arguments!


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