A Great Festive Recipe

Christmas is a time to dream about presents, faith, family, lovers and most importantly food, so is it not appropriate to postpone the diets and get down to some serious cake making?! Try our ‘Marble Cake’ which infuses a chocolate and plain mixture with half melted chocolate chunks to create a marble effect! This ‘Marble Cake’ recipe will not only come in handy during Christmas but can make you very popular amongst family and friends…they’ll be asking you to bake it even after Christmas is long gone! Look below for ingredients and how to make the perfect Marble Cake:

A fabulous cake at Christmas
A fabulous cake at Christmas
You Will Need:

8 oz of Self-Raising flour

8 oz of white sugar (granulated)

8 oz of Butter (unsalted or salted)

8 oz eggs (usually approx. 4 eggs)

100g chocolate roughly chopped into chunks (I use Aldi everyday essentials milk chocolate but any chocolate brand will do…you can even replace milk chocolate with white or dark)

Nutella chocolate spread (You can put in as much as you like)

Serves 12

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (Gas Mark 4 or 5)

  • Start off with blending together the butter (make sure it is softened) and sugar until it becomes a paste.
  • Add the eggs to the mixture and blend once again until it is mixed thoroughly.
  • Now add the self-rising flour and mix.
  • Once this is complete then butter the baking tray and pour the mixture into it using a spatula.
  • Pour in the Nutella and mix with the spatula in a figure 8 pattern. Keep adding the Nutella until you feel that it is half plain and half chocolate (add less or more depending on what ratio you would like).
  • Now roughly mix in the chocolate chunks.
  • Place into the pre-heated oven for approximately 25 minutes. Do not open and close the oven door too much as it can cause the cake to deflate or remain uncooked in certain parts. To check is the cake is cooked stick a knife or fork into the middle and if it comes out clean then the cake is cooked. (Be careful…you might just stab a chunk and think the cake is undone!)
  • Once done serve hot (with custard or ice cream if you like!) or cold…either way tastes delicious!


So, there you have it! A simple and easy to cook recipe to be enjoyed by all age groups! I hope you have a wonderful holiday break and Merry Christmas to all!


Author Bio:

Former British Airways cabin crew member, Karen Rayner currently lives in Warwick with her husband and two children, Charlotte and Jack. She is the founder of Children’s Funky Furniture, an online furniture store which provides imaginative and creative furniture items that appeal to young children. Karen also writes extensively about how to create artistic and vibrant bedrooms that children can relate to and enjoy. Follow Karen on Google Plus.



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