Spice Up Your Life With Old El Paso

I was asked to review some Old El Paso products and although I love hot spicy Mexican food the rest of my family have a milder pallet. We have tended to stick to our family favourites – fajitas because I can temper the taste to suit everyone’s needs without having to rustle up more than one meal. I would never have tried the other products but I am glad I did.

Old El Paso 2

Everyone loved the Toasted Cheese Quesadillas and so easy and quick to cook and cheese-tastic. We’ll definitely be adding this to our family favourites.

Old El Paso 1

Again, this was a great chicken dish, packed with veggies but also quick and simple to cook. A fabulous introduction to some new flavours to my fussy kids.

For me though the casseroles and stews were the dinner winners. There was no way I could tempt my kids to eat them but I thought they were fantastic.

Old El Paso 4 Old El Paso 3

The Spicy Habanero Chilli & Roasted Garlic I literally chopped up carrots, courgettes, and potato and seared the beef pieces. Then covered in a water with the spice mix and slow roasted for over an hour. It was delicious. Next time I am going to add kidney beans. I ate the stew with rice but it could easily be eaten with warm bread and butter. The same with the Paprika and Herbs mix – with this I made a slow roasted chicken pieces, carrots and chorizo dish which was out of this world. I served it with baked potatoes.

These great Mexican packages gave me food for thought and I have added them to my monthly shop as they certainly spiced up my life.


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