How technology has changed all of our worlds!

No one has been unaffected by the rise of technology, even elderly people have iPhones and tablets. Technology has improved a lot of aspects of our lives and even made a lot of items, businesses and job roles obsolete. The invention of Google has given us access to practically any information at our fingertips. This kind of technology can be wonderful for children and people in education as there are no boundaries as to how far they can push themselves. It can also be quite dangerous as this internet can also be a voice for criminals to air their views anonymously. Most recently in the news were reports of ISIS recruiting British teenager’s to flee to Syria.

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Technology has improved a lot of industries. Being able to download music anywhere, and everywhere on to your phone is much simpler than purchasing a CD. The digital copy can be downloaded anytime again through the same account. Where as a CD can become damaged also, some people are just incredibly busy. You may not have time to make it to the shops. Gaming is another sector which has reaped the benefits. The introduction of smartphones has meant that developers can reach a wider audience. People who don’t own consoles are now gamers, with big game releases being adapted for mobile release. Even the likes of Bingo have seen a switch from crowded halls to smart and welcoming websites offering a range of different types of bingo games. Mobile gaming has becoming increasingly popular since smartphones and tablets have become more affordable and common place.

The invention of the smartphone has ruined the great pub quiz forever however, quiz-masters are suspicious of anyone playing with a mobile phone, or anyone who may sneak away for a fag or toilet break. There have been numerous stories of quiz teams being caught cheating in this manner. It really does take the fun out of it.

Photography has been revolutionised by smartphones. Some people regard the camera specifications as one of the most important aspects when purchasing a new phone. Smartphones now have cameras with up to 23Mexapixels! This allows amateur photographers to take snapshots when they’re out and about, without investing in an expensive camera. It also allows people to capture rare and spontaneous moments on film, which they previously wouldn’t have had a device to hand to seize.

Technology has made a lot of our lives easier. It gives us more freedom to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe, as well as allowing us to photograph those special moments and have them stored in a digital format forever. As technology firms continue to expand there will likely be more life assistance products and applications released to improve everyday life.




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