Review: Light Up Your Garden With A Laser Projector

The dual laser projector from RED5 is a decent quality bit of kit, at a very reasonable price, which is more than capable of livening up any party, inside or outside, with its laser sharp red and green laser projected patterns. We set the laser up, on the handy included flexi-tripod, on a first floor open window ledge, and aimed it into the garden. It comes with a decent length of flex too, so you can position it pretty much anywhere you need to in a room.
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When the sun went down I popped upstairs and turned it on….wow! Stunning red and green patterns were projected all across our back garden, which is not small by the way, to the joy of our guests who were, by now, getting into the party mood. With the lasers set to strobe to the beat of the music thanks to the ‘sound responsive mode’, projected all across the lawn and trees, the party just got better. It’s funny how such a reasonably priced, simple to operate piece of lighting can make such a big difference to the mood of a party, and this little dual laser projector did just that. Easy to operate, powerful enough to light up a big back garden and with several speed and pattern modes, this projector is a no-brain purchase for anyone old or young.
With Christmas almost upon us, the green and red lasers would also add a very festive theme to any room or party and I can strongly recommend the one being sold by RED5 for £24.99.

Please note this product contains Class 2 lasers – so be careful and don’t point them directly into anyone’s eyes (people or pets!).


  • Mains powered
  • UK Plug supplied
  • Class 2 lasers
  • Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.3A MAX
  • Output: 5V – 1A

In the box:

  • Dual Laser Projector
  • Tripod
  • AC Adaptor
  • Set of Instructions

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