Nerf Vortex Vigilon

Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

As with all things Nerf, this comes well pckaged and makes you really want to get the box open and get firing! Once you get the handgun out of the box it doesn’t disapoint. A good size for children and chunky, funky and bright, it feels good and looks good. The Vortex system uses a new disc projectile that it loaded into a sprung loaded magazine, that pops open at the flick of a switch, on the side of the pistol. Easy to slip in and simple to operate the 5 discs look like they might go a fair distance and obviously Nerf are looking for new ways to ge the projectile further than the old style foam darts, but without sacrificing safety (and not making a hit from the kids painful!).

You load the gun by pulling back on the top slide and a disk pops into the breech….with a pull of the trigger and a ‘chonk’ the disk flies out – and goes a fair distance, but slightly squint and therefore harder to aim! The disk flies well through the air but is more subject to wind and drafts as it has a bigger surface area. The discs seem easy to find as they are a decent size and bright green, so you shouldn’t need to buy too many more – unless you are quick on the trigger!

So in summary, a good new weapon in the already very broad Nerf range, it looks good, fires a good projectile a decent distance and is great fun! The only question is, who do you buy it for, you or the kids?


  1. My boys converted to nerf lst year and now I have a 4 year old who can shoot the balls off a gnat. That has to be a unique selling point for a kid’s toy.

    1. Ha ha!!! Yes, it has!!! Funny – my son lies them out like on the floor and admires his Nerf arsenal. I am hoping he’ll grow out of it and become a pacifist vegetarian as a teenager.

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