Playmobil Top Agents – RC Robot Gangster SUV and Spying Set

Playmobil Top Agents – Remote Control Robot Gangster SUV and Spying Set Review

A Spying set for a Robot Gangster SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle for all you non Yank speakers out there) from Playmobil? I was a bit surprised by this too….but, it is pretty cool! Not sure if the playability factor will wear off quickly, but it instanstly became a much played with and covetted toy!

So what is in the box? First off, you have to build the SUV, pretty simple, instructions are reasonable, as with all PLaymobil products – but invariably Mum or Dad will end up putting it together. Once its built, and this included a remote control pack that provides powered wheel and a remote control module, plus controller, it looks good and seems fairly robust. The camera unit is then inserted into the passengers seat and the vehicle is ready to go!

Once you set it off and drive it around, it is quite easy to see, from a SUV passengers point of view, where the SUV is going, so you can watch it on the small remote screen and drive it off round the corner….how cool is that? The batteries last a reasonable time and the camera switches itself off if it senses it has been inactive for a while.

In summary, a good toy, but I am not sure it is worth the expense when you add the 3 components together – almost £120! But, if you can afford it, the uses could be endless!


    1. Alas no – these are toy reviews as part of the toyology programme that I work with Toys R Us on. Plus I have to make pennies to make the rent so I have made a Faustian pact with people who sponsor posts. Times are hard and I have too live. This is part of my very tiny income stream.

  1. What a shame you feel that a “tiny income stream” is worth destroying the value and integrity of the site.
    What started as an indulgent blog and grew into a interesting and thought provoking one, appears to have lost it’s way completely.
    If I want adverts for bingo and penis enlargements I will go to a completely different genre of site!
    I would have thought that a career in marketing would have taught you to appreciate how consumers feel when they are being force feed content. It appears you have either underestimated the intelligence of your readers, or missed the point completely. What a pity….

    1. Thanks for your comments. I don’t see how you can make an informed comment about the value of the income stream. I am pleased that you think the blog is interesting and thought provoking. I am sorry you don’t like that fact that I have elected to commercialise the platform but the reality is that I can no longer afford to work for free. I like to think of it as my Kevin Costner ‘Porn’ moment. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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