RIP Steve Jobs

My name is A Modern Military Mother and I am an apple-aholic. I have been an apple-aholic for 5 years, when I bought my first black, matt finish, macbook pro in the apple store in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. You know what they say once you have a mac you never look back and that certainly was the case for me. apple is my gadget crack-cocaine.

I know that puritanical, proper, techie geeks get all grumpy and uber geeky at the mere mention of the word apple; but the reason I love apple is because quite simply I am not a geek. I am a techie-biff and yet apple technology has enabled me to deliver my professional life in a way that is cool enough for me at no extra cost.

I designed my company website – on i-web

I edited my interview with Tim Hetherington RIP on i-movies
Tim Hetherington RIP

My mac book pro is my most prized possession after my children. I need to know that it is safe and secure because my time machine admin is not quite what it should be. My i-phone is also close to my heart as it enables me to stay connected when on the hoof.

I am wholly able to deliver my business from anywhere in the world because of my now silver mac book pro. It’s light-weight, shiny, beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing and functional. I love it. It makes blogging one off a sheer pleasure. I love that I can just slot my SD card in the side and it sucks off the images and footage. Everything about apple is intuitive and that works for me because I blindly navigate way through the apps. apple is perfect for the biff like me.

I didn’t know Steve jobs personally but I can see from the out pouring of grief in response to his death; he is the techie version of Elvis.

Thank you Steve Jobs for enabling me. Rest in peace, may your legacy continue to innovate, enable and inspire future generations.

My name is A Modern Military Mother and I am an apple-aholic…..i-sad.

Educational Resource:
Online masters degree programs in technology may be an option for those who aspire to
be like the great Jobs.


  1. I am Emma Kaufmann and I am an apple-Luddite. I had a go with an iPad the other day but how the heck do you type on those thingies it ended up looking like gibberish. I don’t have an iphone and my only association with Apple is that one that was in the middle of the Beatles records. That said I do sometimes take my daughters to the Apple store and they TRY to show me how to use all the new fangled gadgets…but alas i fear it is too late for me to embrace all this newfangled technology

    1. Seriously, do I have to say we are friends in public!!! if we were the Golden Girls you would be Rose and I would be Dorothy!!

    1. TIM Hetherington!!! It was Chris Honduras and Tim Hetherington! *Tsk* the man was a legend at least get his name right 🙂

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