Bingo: Young or Old? Male or Female?

A recent survey of UK players has shown that 3.4 million people play online bingo, with an annual turnover of £600 million for the industry. Surprisingly 50% of all online bingo players play daily, and 40% have been hooked to online bingo for over five years. But who are they?

Historically the bingo stereotype is that it’s an old person’s game. Truth be known 90% of all bingo players in the UK are actually under 50. This can be attributed to the rise of the Internet, with the younger, more tech aware generation looking for online bingo sites. Not forgetting, the under 30s are more engaged with social media marketing and TV advertisements then any other age group.

Celebrities also like mobile bingo. The outed famous players of the game include Sharon and Ozzy Osborne, Barbara Streisand, Robbie Williams and Catherine Zeta-Jones. These influencers are trendsetters for ages 30-50, however the Osbourne’s reality show delivered an even younger generation in their 20s!

More recently there has been a surge of bingo interest by non other than: Yummy Mummies. The Gambling Commission’s 2010 British Gambling Prevalence Survey alluded that 12% of women (compared to 6% of men) play bingo. Surprisingly, 30% are educated to university level and 50% of the players have children.

Perhaps, more women are playing these days thanks to the anonymity of the internet. It offers a gender-neutral safe space for women to game away, unlike the masculine betting shops and testosterone fuelled poker tables. This is apparent in the design of bingo websites – typically purple, pink or blue, with some kind of ‘cutesy’ setting or character to entice them in. The lower stakes and lighter atmosphere, creates a new type of “soft gambling” which gentles lures women into the industry.



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