Summertime fun with grand garden designs

Essentials for Grand Garden Designs and Little Lawns

The notion that an “Englishman’s home is his castle” is well known – and no castle would be complete without the grounds around it. So okay, while the moat and drawbridge may have to be represented by the patio slabs and your back door, gardens are still often our pride and joy.

Outdoor living spaces are just as important as the interior of a home and accordingly décor and design should be given plenty of consideration.

Choosing Garden Furniture

Many of us are guilty of lavishing our DIY affections on our home interiors whilst unintentionally ignoring the garden. However, the way a garden looks can say a lot about the way you live; for example a beautifully manicured lawn more than suggests your home is run in a similar manner while a neglected lawn might say otherwise.

Regular mowing, spending some time digging out the weeds and planting some gorgeous flowers in a colour coordinated fashion and feeding your lawn with nourishing products is a great start, especially for front gardens that are on display.

The back garden must also be taken into consideration: while it is often hidden from view, this is the place where you will welcome guests in warmer weather and spend time with the family. While flowers and plants create the foundations on which to craft a fantastic garden, no garden is complete without garden furniture sets – especially if you are planning a garden party..

Garden furniture

From rattan chairs to complement the natural surroundings in the garden to tables with intricate metal designs, there is ample choice when it comes to furnishing your garden. Some tables come complete with a parasol and holder to keep the sun at bay on warmer days and you can add unique design flair to the table with more subtle accessories that give charm and personality to your outdoor space. Shells, tealight holders, mosaic placemats…there is plenty to choose from to make your garden stand out.

Garden & Outdoor Furniture Covers

Just like we cover leftover food with cling film or cover our cars over in the winter, garden furniture needs to be protected if it is to stay in tip top condition. Even the highest quality furniture is more likely to need replacing far quicker if it is left to the elements; and it’s not just rain that can have an adverse effect.

While moisture undoubtedly causes some unpleasant effects, such as mould or odour, all weather conditions can damage the garden furniture you spent so long choosing. Strong winds can blow things over, from barbeques to garden chairs, while the sun can cause paintwork to fade. Regular visitors such as birds, squirrels and slugs can also wreak havoc on your garden furniture; from scratched surfaces and excrement to shiny slug trails which are difficult to clean.

Garden furniture 2

So whatever the season, investing in garden furniture covers will keep your outdoor furniture safe from the harm that weather conditions and animals can bring and could save you money in the long-run.

Gardens are supposed to be beautiful places, and they are also a great place to socialize  with family and friends, dine al fresco or spend some time together. Accordingly, you should ensure your garden furniture is both functional and stylish.

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