Why healthcare is no longer a question of NHS v private: pioneering scheme offers the best of both world

Guest Post:

None of us want to get ill. But millions of UK people who do face two major concerns. They worry not only about their condition, but also the length of time it will take to see the right medical specialist.

This is borne out in the latest patient surveys. A recent report shows that as many as 32% are worried about the time it takes to see a specialist consultant; 32% about the time it takes to get treatment; and 30% about the time it takes to get a condition diagnosed.


This is where as.one can help

Healthcare in the UK is often unfairly billed as “NHS versus private”.

But for millions of Britons this does not have to be the case any longer.

Imagine the best of both worlds: the available-for-all NHS but with the expertise of instantly-accessible specialist consultants.


Sounds like just a pipedream?

It is not only real, it is readily available already – thanks to a pioneering new approach to healthcare.

as.one offers both the NHS and private healthcare as possible options in a subscription service available to all.


Finding the right consultant has been a game of snakes and ladders.

The snakes come in the shape of red tape, misdiagnoses and being sent to the wrong specialist, which can push you back to the bottom of the board.

as.one deals only in ladders, making it easy to get in touch with the right consultants as quickly as possible. They will give you the best possible advice without the need for medical insurance or health plans.

They can advise you whether to use the NHS or go private from a clinical and financial viewpoint.

as.one removes the fuss and hassle by bypassing the middleman of the GP referral stage.


How soon can this be done? 

as.one specialist Bruce Braithwaite said: “An elderly lady noticed she’d lost part of her ability to see.

“She went to her GP, who booked her an appointment on the NHS. But it was going to be six weeks before she was seen. As a member of as.one, she was able to call an ophthalmologist, who moved her into his NHS clinic two days later to have her condition fixed.

“She was seen quickly, treated on the NHS and had quite a lot of her sight saved.”

Your consultant will assess you and make a diagnosis. If treatment or tests are needed, they will talk you through all the options, recommending the best doctors and hospitals for your needs.

They will normally recommend the NHS, but if you are not eligible or if you want to pay for private treatment, this can be discussed too.

If you need treatments that are no longer available on the NHS, you can be confident of receiving the best possible private treatment.

Bruce added: “Members will come to me to ask who is the best doctor to go to for their condition and maybe where the best hospital is, whether it’s a private hospital or an NHS one.”

Membership costs just £25 a month or 5% less if you pay yearly (£285).


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