The New Year New You 2019 Resolutions

To lose weight, eat healthier, improve their personal relationships, quit bad habits and make better financial decisions are just a few New Year resolution examples you’ll hear quite often. What are your best chances at achieving your New Year’s goals? That’s right make a plan!

With so much self-improvement, finding the right resolution to catapult yourself into 2019 can be tricky. Here’s some fantastic ideas to help you initiate the New Year.
  • Write a budget and keep to it
  • List what you’ve been putting off and make time to get them done.
  • Make peace with yourself and leave the past behind
  • Contact your loved ones more regularly.
  • Do daily simple exercises which don’t require equipment
  • Moisturize daily – and yes, that includes you men folk!
  • Smile more wherever you go — people will respond well to your positivity.
  • Take a few deep controlled breaths every day
  • Make more time for your friends
  • Read literature for at least a ten minutes a day
  • Drink more water
  • Book a spa and pamper yourself

Traditionally, the beginning of a new year is when we turn to embracing a personal health and well-being programme, consider the essentials of self-care after the Christmas excesses, and why not kick-start a healthier existence than on a spa break?

Many of us lead sedentary lives, consume too much of the wrong stuff and don’t move as much as we should. On the bright side there is a fantastic choice of fabulous spas worldwide to educate, entertain and pamper us.  So why not unwind with spa breaks in Cheshire.

Enjoying a spa break will help take better care of our physical and mental health. Choosing cleaner, organic food, taking regular exercise and giving our brains a rest from the ceaseless demands of digital devices is the perfect pick me up to embrace the New Year. Not to mention that you are on a break, resting, being looked after and having fun… what’s not to enjoy?

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