5 Good Times To Consider Downsizing Your Home

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A bigger home isn’t always better. In fact, there are many times when it can be beneficial to downsize to something smaller. Below are a few instances in which it can be worthwhile downsizing. 

Your current home’s bills are too expensive

Are you struggling to keep up with your home’s rent or energy bill payments? An increase in expenses or a loss of income can leave many people in situations where they can no longer afford their home. There are situations where you may be able to find financial support to help you. For instance, if a partner has left and you are now on a reduced income, you may be able to seek the help of family law solicitors to get some kind of alimony payment as well as possibly seeking out benefits. You may also be able to explore ways of reducing costs. However, this may not always be enough. Moving to a smaller home could help to significantly reduce your bills – a smaller home is likely to be cheaper and easier to afford.

There are now less people living in your home

If you’ve suddenly got lots of empty space in your home, this could be another reason to consider downsizing. If your kids have recently moved out, your home may start to feel too big and empty. While some people like to keep a spare room as a guest bedroom, you should consider whether there’s any benefit to having multiple empty rooms in your home. 

You want to move to a more expensive location

Have plans of moving to a city or moving to the coast? Property in such locations could be a lot more expensive. What may get you a three bed property where you currently live, may only get you a two bed property in your new location. If you’re eager to relocate, you may need to be prepared to settle for a smaller home. 

Health problems have made it difficult to get around your home

A lot of people find that they have to downsize as they get older. Health problems such as mobility problems could make it difficult to climb up flights of stairs. Consider whether a smaller single-storey home could make life more comfortable. You can make sure that everything is easily accessible. A smaller home will also be easier to warm up in winter, which could be beneficial if you’re getting older and feeling the cold more. 

Maintaining your home is a struggle

Larger homes require a greater amount of maintenance. Homes with large grounds often require you to pour in hours of mowing and yard maintenance. Meanwhile, the larger the inside of your home, the more cleaning you have to do and the more repairs you are likely to have to make. If you’re finding all of this upkeep too much of a struggle, consider whether you’re better off moving to a smaller home. You could save a lot of time and energy cleaning and maintaining your home, which could leave you happier. 


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