5 Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Kitchen

5 things to remember when upgrading your kitchen

Renovate your kitchen

You might feel like a kid in a candy shop when you’re choosing products to upgrade your kitchen. After all, there are so many fabulous items of furniture, appliances and accessories to choose from now. However, before you start your shopping spree, it’s worth bearing some basic design principles in mind. Here are five things you should remember when you’re revamping your cooking area.

1) Plenty of storage

Storage is a must in any kitchen – and lots of it. Without enough units and shelves, you’ll struggle to fit all the cooking essentials into this room. Bear in mind that if your kitchen’s a little on the small side, you’ll need to use your imagination when creating storage room. For example, you may benefit from taking advantage of full height units that stretch right up to your ceiling. Luckily, you won’t be stuck for choice when you’re on the hunt for the perfect storage solutions. You can take your pick from the impressive range of products offered by specialist suppliers such as Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

2) Enough surface space

Plenty of surface space is also essential in these rooms. You’ll need enough room to slice, dice, knead and mix without feeling cramped. If you’ve got the required square footage, you can introduce extra working space by including an island unit in your kitchen.

3) A convenient layout

It’s important to think about the so-called kitchen ‘work triangle’ too. This refers to your cooker top, sink and fridge. As a general rule, you should try to ensure that these points are close to one another, but not too close. If possible, you want to be able to move from one to the next quickly and easily, and without encountering obstructions.

4) Balancing beauty and practicality

Kitchen’s can come in for a battering. When you’re cooking up a storm, you might subject this space to steam, flames, spillages and more. This means that, as well as looking the part, the products you select for this part of your home must be robust. Materials like solid timber can work perfectly in kitchens because they have a natural elegance and are capable of standing the test of time, even in the busiest of cooking areas.

5) Lots of light

Try to maximise the available light in your new kitchen too. To boost any natural light, keep window dressings to a minimum. Meanwhile, when it comes to adding artificial illuminations, think beyond traditional ceiling lights. For example, in and under-cabinet lights can improve the look of these rooms and make them easier to cook in.

As long as you bear simple suggestions like these in mind when you’re remodelling your kitchen, you should achieve stunning results.




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