Don’t Let There Be Light

Most summers we head over to France to stay in our fantastic villa in the Limousin.

The best part of the trip is how well we all sleep and for how long. Even the kids don’t appear before 11am and this can only be attributed to the metal shutters on the windows that keep out the daylight and also keep the rooms cool.

Now I can’t afford to install continental shutters on the exterior windows of my rented home in the UK as that would be too expensive; so my mission has been to recreate the room darkness of our French retreat and prevent my children early rising, or objecting about bedtime during the daylight hours of summer time and so in their bedrooms all of their curtains are blackout curtains.

What does ‘blackout’ mean?

Blackout curtains, blackout blinds and blackout linings all do the same job – they prevent light from penetrating thanks to special treatments and extra tight woven fabrics. They are the same as as regular curtains, blinds and linings, but the material and design stops window daylight from piercing the room.

Blackout curtains

The curtains range from pencil pleat or eyelet headers, and are finished with thick blackout linings to keep out the light. They can be fitted easily onto a curtain track or curtain pole and, of course, can be used in any room. Blackout curtains & linings on Yorkshire Linen Co. are price friendly & delivery is free if order is more than £50.

Blackout blinds

Dunelm have a fabulous range of Roman or roller blind style, blackout blinds, which treated with a unique backing to stop light penetrating the fabric. Fit your blinds within a window recess and you can pair them with curtains to create a layered look with a curtain fabric of your choosing, or install outside the window alcove so the edge of the blind is wider than the window, thereby providing full width coverage.

Blackout linings

If you have curtains already and want to keep the daylight at bay, pencil pleat or eyelet curtains, blackout fabric fits easily to existing curtains, or can be added to new curtains.

Why are blackout curtains so awesome?

The main reason is that darkness improves sleep, adorning your windows to an elegant pair of blackout curtains or investing in a smart blackout blind could create a significant impact when it comes to getting your forty winks.

Sleeping well can be attributed to temperature, support and softness, but blackout products bring something unique to the table. They create an efficient and effective barrier to stop external light sources disturbing your sleep.

If you want to sleep well it’s important that you don’t let there be light!





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