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Apps are almost infinite in their uses. You can look on the Android or Apple store and find thousands of different apps that each have varied uses. There are apps for work, sport, news, fun, science, technology and much more. There can easily be at least one app that enriches your life but finding it can be tough, especially if you don’t even know what to look for. If you want to improve yourself with some apps, then read on for some suggestions.

Cooking can always be a chore. Even if you enjoy doing it, you can be at odds with what to make. You may want to try different things, whether that’s changing recipes or tackling completely new types of food. It can be challenging to just jump in, so there are a couple of apps that can help. The Food Network has it’s own app that provides recipes, tips, ideas and recommendations from celebrity chefs with ratings and images to make things easier. SideChef has detailed instructions for a wide variety of recipes with text, audio, video and images to make things simple for novices. It has numerous features such as voice commands, timers and checklists. Both apps are available for free.

Keeping fit is important. Whether you are doing it to look good or stay healthy, you will need to keep on top of things and make sure you are doing it correctly and often enough. Of course, there are apps to help. Lose It! is a free app that is designed to log your exercise and food habits. It will count calories and is compatible with various fitness devices such as Nike+ and Fitbit. Map My Fitness is a bit different and is useful for people who walk, jog, run or cycle for exercise. It is used to map out routes you can take and gives you details on the length, time it will take, etc. and then will give you a report when done. The app is free but additional features can be purchased with a subscription.

Making life better doesn’t always have to be about important things like your health or the food you eat, as it applies to having fun too. There are plenty of entertainment apps you can download but you can’t beat a good game. You can have fun with online Bingo wherever you go on your phone, with Coral’s online bingo caller. The app creates an authentic bingo experience that you can play for free or for real money. Bingo isn’t the only game that comes with the free app, so you can stay entertained for a long while. The Room is a great puzzle game if you want to have fun and give your brain some exercise. Use the touchscreen to solve 3D puzzle boxes that have multiple solutions so you can try your own approach and redo levels. The app is available on Android for just 79p.

However you want to enrich your life, you’re sure to find an app for it, so consider these suggestions and take a look at what you can find.


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